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Email Marketing & CRM

Email Marketing Delivers the Highest ROI of All Marketing Channels

Why Email Marketing Adds Value

“Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels—$42 back for every dollar you spend.” - Forbes

Cost Effective

Email is the most cost effective way to increase website traffic and sales

Preferred Communications

Email is your customers’ preferred communications channel

Customer Retention and Loyalty

41.5% of brands say email marketing is ‘very critical’ to company success (Litmus 2021 - an increase of 29% since 2019)

The Power of Email Marketing

There is no denying the power of email marketing to significantly improve your business. But it doesn't happen by itself. That’s where NVISION comes in. We make it happen.

What We Do
for You

Email Marketing is a powerful tool and at NVISION we understand the value added. Check out our service offerings.

01 Send the Right

Send the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time. Our dedicated team of email marketing specialists have developed a proven process for success.

02 Tailor Your Email
& SMS Strategies

Personalized messages for each customer, tailored to their unique needs and to your sales and marketing goals.

03 Develop the
Right Emails

We create emails that people want to open. Emails that trigger a desired action. All custom-created for your business objectives by our in-house copywriters, designers and developers.

04 Your Customer’s Journey

Manage Your Customer’s Journey and make sure your customers get the right messages, precisely timed to move them along your sales funnel towards conversion and retention.

05 Your Email

Get more conversions from targeted email campaigns, each one developed for a different segment, season or event.

06 Support for
Your CRM

Support for Your CRM including Hubspot & Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). We help you to leverage your CRM platform for more visibility into your customer relationships to find, nurture, and convert leads into sales faster.

07 Optimize Email Deliverability

Make sure your emails land in customers primary mailbox with complete anti-spam compliance, including CASL in Canada and CAN-SPAM in the U.S.

How We Guide Users On Their Customer Journey

Be Your Customer’s Tourguide on Their Buying Journey

The email marketing strategies we develop for you are based on painstaking research, focused on your business targets, using future-ready best practices, to keep your business moving forward.

Take them from Visitors to Subscribers

Build Your Email Audience This first step is key to building a robust, dynamic and engaged email audience.

  • Make your emails deliverable, including anti-spam compliance
  • Optimize opt-in rates for faster audience building
  • Create lead generators, like gated content to increase sales leads
  • Enact strategies for first-party data collection to be ready for a cookie-less future

Turn Subscribers into Customers

Nurture Sales The correct email messages, timed perfectly, in a focused series, increases your sales revenue.

  • Develop the right email series, based on where each user is on their journey
  • Find the perfect messaging and timing with AB testing
  • Leverage subscriber segmentation "the most effective email campaign strategy" (Hubspot)
  • Personalize content and make it dynamic based on their search and buying habits

Transform Customers into Brand Advocates

Retain customers & Get Repeat Sales Personalized, value-added content in post-sales email series creates repeat customers and turns them into brand advocates

  • Maximize customer lifecycles with messaging developed for their unique sales funnel
  • Improve customer lifetime value with pertinent offers and upsells
  • Develop email strategies to encourage loyalty and referrals from top customers
  • Apply email workflows to plan and track your brand advocacy and other email goals

Email Marketing is Part of a
Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s just one facet of a complete digital marketing program to improve your company’s bottom-line performance. From website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services, to paid digital advertising and email marketing, NVISION offers the digital marketing team, tools and resources to make them all work for you. Our digital marketing agency is located in Markham, serving Toronto and the GTA.

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