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Email Marketing

The Power to Deliver the Highest ROI in Digital Marketing

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But only if you know how to energize it. That’s where we come in.

Whether your email marketing has been successful or not – or if you’ve never sent a promotional email - NVISION’s Email Marketing experts know how to tap and maximize its potential to make it the smartest, most rewarding marketing decision you ever made.

Targeted to Your Business Goals

From awareness to purchase, email campaigns can be designed for different goals. But they must be developed, designed and delivered with your specific business and its goals in mind.

The Optimized List

The quality of your email contact list, and the quality of each contact on it, dictates the results you get. We optimize your list at every opportunity.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Deliberate preparation, focus and execution. They are the strategic steps we use at every stage of your email marketing. For every campaign, every email, every customer.

It Always Gets Better

Even if we create the best email campaign ever, it can be improved upon. But only with expert tracking, measurement and analysis focused on improving performance.

You Are Informed and In Control

You, your input and feedback are a critical part of the success of your email program. You’ll be regularly informed and consulted for your advice.

4 Steps to Energize Your Email Marketing

There is a purpose in everything we do to improve your email marketing. Even the slightest detail has a reason. It's what gives email the power it has to boost your bottom line.

01 Exploration & Discovery

From listening to your company’s story and understanding your value proposition, to learning more about your target markets, their pain points and your objectives, we must get to know your business and its markets as best we can before we can tailor your email marketing campaigns.

02 Build a Strategic Framework

First, we segment your audience, according to their preferences, where they are in the buying cycle, their location, and more. Then we prioritize the information to move them along their personal path to conversion.

03 Bespoke Execution

Every business is unique. And each one of its clients is unique. We must tailor pertinent, appealing information, delivered with perfect timing, to increase click-throughs and optimize conversion rates.

04 Prospect Nurturing

Email’s power to convert customers comes from helping you build long-term, trusting relationships with your prospects. You can be there when they’re looking for a solution, or when they need answers. Prospect nurturing is a crucial step in creating life-long customers and advocates for your brand.

How We Do It

Every detail of your email marketing campaign(s) are handled by NVISION’s expert team of specialists. It’s the only way we know to ensure the quality and performance of your campaigns.

A Dedicated Email Marketing Team

This isn’t one of their daily tasks. Email is everything they do. They are experienced and equipped to skillfully manage your campaigns. They are responsive and responsible to you to drive the highest value and success from every message, campaign, report and client touchpoint.

A Complete Toolset

Email benefits from the application of specialized tools as much as any marketing channel. More than maintaining addresses and calendars, the right tools, in the right hands, help you get even more value from what is already your highest ROI channel.

Consistent, Comprehensive, Complete Testing & Reporting

Email marketing brings you closer to one-on-one communication with your customers than any other channel. Monthly testing cycles, actionable reports and expert analysis guide the way to a valued and valuable relationship with every client.

Email Marketing is Part of a Complete
Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s just one facet of a complete digital marketing program to improve your company’s bottom-line performance. From website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services, to paid digital advertising and email marketing, NVISION offers the digital marketing team, tools and resources to make them all work for you. Our digital marketing agency is located in Markham, serving Toronto and the GTA.

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