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Case Study

Traffic and Criminal Defence Lawyer

The Results

Regardless of how thorough and focused your research and strategy are, they’re only as
successful as the numbers they generate.

The increase in the number of qualified leads received by X-Copper from their paid marketing campaign.

Increase in conversion rate for X-Copper’s paid marketing campaign, over the Law & Government sector average of 7.45%. X-Copper’s conversion rate is 12.56%.

Increase in click-through rate (CTR), from 2.95% to 6.01%. In addition to boosting ROAS, a higher CTR results in a higher Quality Score from Google, which reduces the cost-per-click.

Average order value (AOV), for an X-Copper client (assuming a 50/50 split between traffic- and criminal-related clients), versus CPC (cost-per-conversion).

Clicks to the X-Copper site from their media impressions in one year.

Number of qualified leads, in the form of calls and online form submissions, in one year.

Number of online paid media impressions in one year.

The Background

X-Copper was founded by former police officers who saw an opportunity to use their knowledge of law enforcement and the court system to defend their clients against traffic ticket charges.

From the start, X-Copper carefully crafted their brand into a household name and earned a reputation as the go-to option for drivers who want to avoid traffic ticket fines and penalties.

Unfortunately, that carefully crafted reputation led to a problem.

The Challenge

As X-Copper expanded, so did its client base and service offering. Defending clients against criminal traffic charges meant retaining criminal defence lawyers and paralegals.

It didn’t take long for the company to find itself with a caseload that included non-traffic-related criminal charges, like fraud, assault and theft.

Combined with its presence across Canada, X-Copper soon became the largest criminal defence law firm in the country.

And their criminal defence clients represented an average customer value that was 10x higher than their traffic ticket clients.

An enviable position for any company, but, again, their incredible growth led to a problem. Despite their size and expertise, they were not known as a criminal defence firm.

Their digital marketing was not reaching their most valuable potential clients.
That’s when they called NVISION.

The Solution

The first step for NVISION’s Digital Marketing Team was a deep-dive analysis of X-Copper’s website, their search engine optimization (SEO), paid digital marketing programs, and their specified goals for raising awareness of their criminal defence expertise.

The results were developed into the following strategic recommendations:

  • Improve the Website – Simplify the structure, menu and navigation to improve the user experience (UX) and place equal emphasis on Traffic Tickets and Criminal Charges.
  • Optimize Traffic Ticket Content – Maintain many of the existing traffic ticket pages, which perform well, but optimize the content for higher search engine rankings.
  • Boost Criminal Charges Content – Increase traffic to existing criminal charges pages, which have a high conversion rate, and create more charge-specific content.
  • Formalize & Enhance SEO Throughout the Site – Thoroughly optimize all new and updated content for higher search engine rankings, from the page structure to the calls-to-action.
  • Develop a Targeted Paid Marketing Campaign – To help quickly raise X-Copper’s profile as a criminal defence firm, NVISION created a comprehensive paid marketing campaign to attract and drive qualified traffic to the charge-specific content on the site.
  • Leverage Landing Page Content Structure – NVISION’s research discovered that visitors often spent 30 minutes or more on a single page. They seek out and access pages specific to their charges. New pages were developed using landing-page structure to increase the reader’s awareness of their situation, outline possible outcomes and present a solution.
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