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Our Work Allura Clinic


600% increase in new leads over a year
375% growth in email audience in just 5 months
x3 performance of the industry standard

Allura Clinic, a plastic surgery and beauty services provider, offers a range of services, including plastic surgeries, Botox, fillers, and professional cosmetics.

With two operating rooms and a well-versed team capable of advanced treatments, Allura Clinic emphasizes the importance of quality and expertise in its services.

Recognizing the limitations of their outdated website and the need for a strategic approach to digital marketing, they partnered with NVISION to revamp their online platform and implement a cohesive marketing strategy, including SEO, Paid Digital Advertising, and Email Marketing to fill their booking calendar and increase occupancy.




Dieppe, N.B.

Objectives and Goals

Expand Digital Presence

Establish a modern, mobile-responsive website that accurately represents Allura Clinic’s services and products, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Increase Booking

Implement targeted SEO and PPC campaigns to improve search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and ultimately increase consultation bookings and service sales.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Develop and execute an email marketing strategy to nurture leads, inform existing clients about additional services, and promote repeat business.

Optimize Performance

Ensure the website’s technical SEO is up to standard, passing Core Web Vitals and other performance metrics crucial for ranking and user experience.


Navigating Advertising Restrictions

The clinic faced difficulties advertising its services due to strict regulations on surgical and medical related keywords, often blocked by advertising platforms.

Outdated Technology and Website Design

Their previous website had technological limitations, particularly in the e-commerce section, and failed to integrate their service offerings with their product sales effectively.

Building a Scalable and User-Friendly Online Platform

Allura Clinic needed a website that looked modern and professional and allowed for easy navigation and expansion of services.


Website Revamp and E-commerce Integration

Developed a new, visually appealing website with enhanced e-commerce functionalities, making it easier for clients to navigate and purchase cosmetic products and book services.

SEO and PPC Strategy

Implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focused on content relevance and user intent alongside a PPC campaign leveraging indirect keywords to navigate industry-specific advertising restrictions successfully.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Crafted a series of targeted email marketing campaigns, including a welcome series and regular updates on services, backed by strategic use of pop-ups for lead capture, resulting in significant list growth and engagement.

Performance Optimization

Tailored SEO content in combination with Core Web Vitals performance to meet Google’s standards, contribute to better search engine rankings.




Enhanced Online Visibility:

By creatively adjusting Allura Clinic’s ad strategy to bypass keyword restrictions, Allura Clinic was able to secure top listings for its services to achieve a 20% month-on-month increase in conversions and a 600% increase in new leads over a year.

Higher Lifetime Value Of Each Customer:

Grew the email subscriber list by 375% in five months, with email campaigns achieving a 3.67% click rate and a 67.1% open rate, 3 times above industry averages.

Increased Bookings and Occupancy:

The clinic experienced a significant increase in bookings, filling their calendar months in advance and achieving full occupancy.

Improved Website Performance:

The new website passed Google’s Core Web Vitals Assessment with flying colours, ensuring a fast and smooth user experience and contributing to higher engagement and conversion rates.

The Takeaways

Allura Clinic’s digital transformation journey highlights the importance of a comprehensive, integrated approach to digital marketing in the competitive plastic surgery and beauty services industry.

By overcoming advertising challenges, leveraging modern e-commerce solutions, and engaging clients through targeted email marketing, Allura Clinic not only enhanced its online presence but also significantly increased its bookings and customer engagement, setting a benchmark for success in the industry.

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