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Our Work Exhibition Place Toronto
Case Study

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The Breakdown

Exhibition Place enjoys the widespread recognition that most organizations can only dream of. Just hearing the name conjures images and memories of the Canadian National Exhibition, professional soccer and hockey games, consumer and trade shows, live entertainment, even Indy car racing.

As enviable as that universal recognition may be, it poses a problem. A problem that manifested itself on Exhibition Place’s old website. Online visitors often asked questions about event tickets, refunds and other details about particular events. Information that should be directed toward individual event management, not Exhibition Place.

The Challenge

Strategically located in downtown Toronto, yet close to an airport, railway stations, and major highways, Exhibition Place is the largest conference and entertainment site in Toronto. It features multiple, state-of-the-art venues to serve all sizes of events, including several uniquely historical, architecturally significant heritage buildings, open parks and gardens.

A new Exhibition Place website had to avoid confusion with the events being held on the site, and position the location as the go-to destination for event planners. Those planners, and other target demographics, including the public and event exhibitors, needed clear information about venues, what they offered and what sets Exhibition Place apart from their competition. “We want to position ourselves as futuristic, plugged into local and national and international events. We want to be a reference for everybody else. Pivot into the new way of events.”

The Solution

The first step was to create a web development strategy so that the website would simultaneously meet the needs of web visitors and Exhibition Place’s business goals. The basis of that strategy was an Information Architecture Brief, which provided the roadmap for reaching those objectives.

  • Base the design, navigation and execution of the site on the user interface and user experience of the target demographics.
  • Create three separate information funnels to lead web users to the information they seek. One funnel for the visiting public, one for event planners and one for event exhibitors.
  • Highlight every funnel on the homepage with clear titling, a brief explanation of what to expect, and a highly visible call-to-action button.
  • Design the site to deliver information and an experience that is specific to each funnel’s target demographic.
  • Develop a distinct conversion goal for each funnel. One to keep Exhibition Place front-of-mind as a destination for the public; one to capture qualified event planner leads; and one to give exhibitors the info they need to take part in their events.
  • Improve conversion rates with detailed, easy-to-follow, on-page sign-up forms for users to get more information or assistance.
  • Make the site mobile-friendly; offer clear, easy access to info about Service Disruptions, Upcoming Events, Heritage, and Announcements; and streamline the site architecture for digital marketing success.
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The Client has
their say

“NVISION is a stellar digital marketing organization! They built us an incredible fully customized website and captured the true essence of our brand. Working with George, Marek, Kyle, Sylvia, Kevin, Emma, Kristin, Lisa, Daniel, and Julie has been such a pleasure - Outstanding team who are always on hand to assist and support. They employ very strong talent in UX/UI design and web development. Highly recommended!”


Cristina Mendes


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