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Manufacturing Solutions

605.4% increase in post-link clicks
317.3% increase in engagement
672.8% boost in impressions

DAP Global Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and repair products, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1865.

They faced the challenge of modernizing their marketing strategy to align with contemporary consumer behaviours and digital consumption patterns.

Despite a strong presence in major retail outlets like Home Depot, the brand aimed to expand its digital footprint, promoting its seasonally tailored product lineup and engaging with a broader online audience.


Manufacturing Solutions



Objectives and Goals

Elevate Brand Awareness in a Digital Era

DAP aimed to transform its traditional image to resonate with the digital consumer, making a heritage brand relevant in the age of online DIY tutorials and social media engagement. The goal was to not only inform potential customers about DAP’s wide range of products but also to embed the brand into the digital conversations around home improvement and DIY projects.

Overcome Digital Marketing Challenges

With a significant budget, DAP sought to distribute its marketing funds across various digital platforms strategically. This objective focused on maximizing reach and engagement through targeted advertising, campaign marketing, and social media campaigns, ensuring every dollar spent contributed to increasing brand visibility.

Leverage Omni-Channel Strategy for Comprehensive Reach

To achieve a comprehensive online presence, NVISION recommended an omnichannel approach, integrating PPC and social media to create a seamless consumer experience. This strategy aimed to keep DAP top-of-mind for consumers at every stage of the DIY journey, from initial research to the final purchase decision.


Revitalizing Interest in “Boring” Products

DAP’s challenge was to transform its essential yet mundane product range into compelling content that captures the digital audience’s attention. The brand needed to find creative ways to showcase the value and applications of products like sealants and adhesives to a market saturated with captivating DIY projects and trending seasonal topics.

Strategic Audience Targeting and Seasonal Messaging

Identifying and engaging a target audience with diverse home improvement interests and needs requires sophisticated targeting and messaging strategies. DAP needed to tailor its content to be seasonally appropriate, ensuring relevance and timeliness in its marketing efforts throughout the year.

Budget Allocation and Strategy Pivot

The dynamic nature of digital marketing required DAP to be nimble with its budget allocation, ready to pivot strategies based on real-time performance data. Balancing spend across multiple platforms while adapting to the shifting focus of marketing campaigns posed a significant operational challenge.


Platform Diversification

NVISION crafted a series of digital campaigns spread across YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, focusing on the visual storytelling of DAP’s products. These campaigns leveraged influencer partnerships, how-to videos, and seasonal product lines to drive engagement and awareness.

Educational Content and DIY Focus

DAP created educational content demonstrating the simplicity and necessity of products for both beginners and experienced DIYers to tackle the challenge of making “boring” products appealing. This content strategy aimed to inspire customers by showing the transformational power of DAP products in home improvement tasks.

Seasonal Campaigns with Dynamic Budgeting

Acknowledging the importance of timing in consumer purchasing decisions, DAP implemented seasonal marketing campaigns, adjusting its budget allocation based on performance and seasonal relevance. This approach allowed DAP to maximize impact during key periods, such as winterization projects or summer renovations, ensuring messages reached consumers when they were most likely to act.


Substantial Online Growth and Engagement

The strategic deployment of digital campaigns resulted in a 420% increase in YouTube subscribers, showcasing the compelling nature of DAP’s video content. The engagement rate on Pinterest soared by 600%, reflecting the high interest in DAP’s DIY-focused pins, significantly increasing the brand’s online presence and consumer interaction.

Heightened Brand Awareness Through Social Media

The targeted social media strategies led to a 672.8% boost in impressions and a 317.3% increase in engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of DAP’s content in generating interest and active participation from its audience. These metrics underscored the success of the omnichannel approach in building a strong, engaged community around the DAP brand.

Targeted Consumer Actions Driving Retail Visits

The focused efforts on seasonal campaigns and compelling content culminated in a 605.4% increase in post-link clicks, indicating a significant uptick in consumer interest in finding DAP products at retail locations.

The Takeaways

Through innovative strategies and a keen understanding of omnichannel marketing, we not only addressed the unique challenges of a commodity product but also increased their overall engagement and digital presence by 317%. This allows DAP to have a scalable way to increase brand awareness and interest that eventually turns strangers into new characters.

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