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Our Work Upper Canada Child Care

Upper Canada Child Care (UCCC) is a non-profit network of over 80 childcare centers, built on the foundation of fostering connections and growth in a playful and caring environment. Founded by a working mom who envisioned better options for families, UCCC prioritizes building communities where every child belongs.

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The Challenge

Upper Canada Child Care faced several challenges that necessitated a technology overhaul:

  • Outdated Technology: Their website and map technology were stagnant, hindering smooth user experience and location accessibility.
  • Modernizing the Brand: Existing branding elements didn’t fully represent UCCC’s modern approach to childcare.
  • Registration Inefficiency: Managing information across 80 locations with varying programs and waitlists required a more streamlined and scalable system.

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Toronto, On

The Solution

To address these challenges, Upper Canada Child Care partnered with NVISION to implement:

  • Playful Rebrand: A vibrant new logo and branding assets captured the essence of UCCC’s child-centric approach, attracting parents and reflecting their contemporary childcare standards.
  • Seamless Navigation: Integrated Google Maps with a dynamic location finder. New locations could be added effortlessly, while parents could easily map locations and access relevant program information and registration forms.
  • Centralized system: Gravity Forms and Form routing were introduced to streamline the registration process. This centralized system eliminated the need for individual location forms and waitlists, making it easier for parents to register their children and for UCCC to manage registrations across all locations.




Upper Canada Child Care’s commitment to modernization transformed its online presence and operational infrastructure.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The revitalized website and dynamic map offered parents a convenient and informative platform to explore UCCC’s offerings and connect with the ideal center.
  • Strengthened Brand Image: The playful and modern branding resonated with families, attracting interest and solidifying UCCC’s position as a trusted provider of innovative childcare.
  • Scalability: The new website and systems were designed for scalability, allowing UCCC to easily add new locations and programs in the future without encountering technical challenges.


The Takeaways

Upper Canada Child Care story is a testament to the power of embracing change and utilizing technology to amplify a passion for nurturing young minds. By prioritizing modernization, we helped reimagine UCCC’s online presence and operational systems, ensuring that a smile would continue to be on every child’s face.

The Client has
their say

The entire team at NVISION is highly skilled, helpful, and professional. Marek in particular has always been always a pleasure to deal with: responsive, patient and clear in communication while answering our questions. We are very happy with our website and would recommend working with NVISION.

Christine Tyrell Communications and Marketing Coordinator

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