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Our Work Increasing Yearly Sales Revenue By 40% For An eCommerce Fashion Brand Using Email Marketing


40% Growth in revenue in 12 months
12% Growth in average order value
50% Returning customer rate

Project Overview

This eCommerce Fashion Brand offers high-end shapewear products to help women feel sexy and supported. Although they were getting consistent sales, they struggled to get repeat sales from existing customers.

NVISION proposed an email marketing strategy which helped capture “browsing” customers’ emails and sell more pairs of products to existing customers. Their revenue increased by 40% in 12 months, average order value increased by 12%, and the returning customer rate was a 50% increase.

Each email had an average click-through rate that was 3 times the industry ecommerce average (5% vs 1.5%). This means the emails which were being sent were relevant to their audience and created enough intent for them to click the call to action and go to the website.




Toronto, ON

The Highlights

Even though they were well-positioned in their niche, the client was looking for new ways to expand its sales with subscribers who were still looking for more information about the company’s products.

NVISION digital marketing experts audited the eCommerce brand’s marketing tactics and identified key areas of opportunity across the platform.

  • Lost opportunities to capture “browsing” customers’ emails on the website
  • Developing brand positioning, messaging, and nurturing those who hadn’t purchased yet
  • Segmenting email subscribers to create new opportunities for repeat sales.
  • Creating email campaigns targeting specific audience segmentation and setting up email automations for consistent and scalable revenue generation.

The Execution

Audience research and industry benchmarking were crucial in the first phase of the email campaign development. 

 Phase 1:

Our focus was creating a foundation for the client to increase conversions and sales. This involved developing the right strategy and delivering the right message at the right time.

  • We increased newsletter sign-ups by incentivizing customers with nurturing information to support their journey to improving their figure.
  • We created email sequences focusing on building brand awareness to convert them into customers
  • We split-tested emails to find the best winners that gave the highest number of sales

Phase 2:

Our focus was reducing cost per lead and increasing the average order value of each customer.

  • We focused on incentivizing them to purchase more by adding post-purchase email sequences that focused on the product’s benefits, creating authority, and showing case studies.
  • We segmented audiences to identify and sell more products. From buyers who have only bought one product to buyers who haven’t bought for over 60 days.
  • After target research and interviews, we created specific bundles to increase the average order value of each checkout to increase their overall sales revenue by 40% by the end of the year.


Overall, our partnership with TheBlackPurple has transformed their email marketing efforts, resulting in increased sales, website traffic, and user engagement. We continue to work closely with them to refine and optimize their email campaigns for even better results.

The Client has
their say

For nearly ten years, I've partnered with NVISION, whose team consistently delivers outstanding services. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment have been integral to my business and brand's success.

Working with George, Sylvia, Marek, Marino, Rebecca, and Madison is a weekly highlight, and their professionalism and knowledge are unparalleled. A huge shoutout to the entire team, including those behind the scenes, for being the rockstars of my business journey.
Thank you, NVISION, for being a vital part of our growth and success!

Nima Rafizadeh President

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