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“How Far Do
You Want Your
Business to Go?”

IT solutions provider FlexITy offers services, equipment, and value that let’s them confidently ask that question of their customers. It sounds like a cool competitive advantage to have; until you find out about their blue-chip competition, which includes Bell and Telus. Their previous site failed to not only create awareness of FlexITy’s brand in that competitive fastlane, but to even inform and upsell current customers with other FlexITy services.

FlexITy's site before NVISION

Client Review

One word - AMAZING!!!

NVISION is in my opinion one of the best End-To-End Digital Marketing & Web Design Solutions in Canada. The incredible and talented ownership as well as the entire team at NVISION have designed and created a number of our websites in record time and the feedback from our clients has been amazing!

If you want to win - win with NVISION and look no further.

They are truly People Driven and Results Oriented!

Ron Stewart
FlexITy Solutions

Optimizing Digital Transformation

The content sections on FlexITy’s old site competed with each other for attention. User experience (UX) becomes more critical than ever for a website that has so much to offer. It means developing an entirely new information architecture before even starting content and design. We focused on structuring the site so users can find what they need quickly; in a logical, natural order.

The interface layout and design is streamlined to minimize confusion and give every piece of information the chance to be seen and heard. Creative imagery and clear graphics are used to tell complex stories at a glance. Compelling microcopy and calls-to-action are strategically placed throughout the site to assure users they can “Get Answers”. Finally, the entire package is wrapped in a fresh design that cleverly strikes the perfect balance between graphic creativity and persuasive communication.

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