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Doubling Email Engagement In 9 Months For An eCommerce High-End Clothing Brand Using Email Marketing

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Toronto, ON

This eCommerce Clothing Brand is a menswear store for those with a fine eye for detail and a strong sense of good taste, offering the very best in clothing. They were well known in their local suburb but they wanted to expand their reach throughout their city and country.

NVISION proposed a strategy which helped acquire new customers without spending any money on advertising using email marketing.

As the client’s products were in the higher dollar range, we focused on increasing the number of people reading the emails and clicking to visit the website.

70%Increase in annual revenue

23%Growth in average order value

25%Rise in returning customer rate

The Execution - Phase 1

As the client audience was catered to the higher-end, we needed to create brand authority and messaging that separated them from their competitors.

After reviewing their competitors and analyzing the industry benchmarks, we executed our email marketing plan

Our focus was improving the size of the email list. The more readers on the client’s email list, the higher the chances of them selling their products. This involved changing how they captured their emails and nurtured them.


We focused on increasing the email list by incentivizing customers to sign up for the newsletter.


We created brand trust campaigns to nurture the audience with tips on how to look better, building a message beyond the quality of your products.


We created an email calendar that gave a cadence to the customer keeping the client’s brand top of mind.

The Execution - Phase 2

Our focus was increasing the frequency of emails and increasing click-through rates of emails


We created specific email sequences designed to nurture and sell throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey.


We split-tested emails to find the best winners that gave the highest number of click-through rates.


We focused on developing the client’s messaging and tonality to drive brand authority and increased website traffic

The Results


Optimizing their email capture to increase the number of opportunities to sell to customers who are interested but did not buy.


Developing brand positioning, messaging, and nurturing to increase trust in the customers


Increasing email frequency to build brand authority with their email subscribers


Setting up email automations that follow the entire user journey to increase the chances of them purchasing a product with the client.

The Takeaways

Their revenue per year increased by 70%, average order value increased by 23%, and the returning customer rate was a 25% increase.

Before NVISION, the client was looking for alternatives to drive website traffic and user engagement.

NVISION digital marketing experts audited the eCommerce brand’s marketing tactics and identified key areas of opportunity across the platform.

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