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Social media may be the most versatile tool in your digital marketing mix. It offers a wide range of highly effective tactics – and you regularly discover new ways to use them to achieve your corporate goals faster and easier than you thought possible.

Find out what your customers want. They’re talking about it every day. What they are looking for. What they thought about what they bought. What they like. What they don’t like. Social media is your finger on the pulse of what your customers are doing and thinking right now.

Keep your brand top-of-mind. By finding and taking part in the conversations your prospects have, you become part of their circle. You build and qualify an audience to whom you can approach later. And when you do, they’ll be ready to listen.

Humanize your brand. This probably isn’t on your digital marketing ‘to do’ list. But your prospects look for it every day. They look for something different, something relatable, a vibe, an approachability. The same old marketing channels and messaging can’t deliver it like social media.

Build brand reputation, relationships & advocates. When you interact with prospects in an authentic, human way, it reflects on your brand. Prospects relate to you differently. And guess what? They tell everyone about it. They pass along your message to their networks. It’s like having your own social media sales force!

6 Steps to Social Media Success

  • 01/06

    Tell Us Your Story

    We’re great listeners. The story of your business, how you got here, where you want it to go, your values and the value you offer, all give direction for everything we do. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, get more leads, or improve customer service, we can make it happen.

  • 02/06

    Research & Discovery

    We research everything. What your competition is up to. Where your customers are. And, most importantly, what everyone’s saying. The better we understand the conversation, the better we can navigate them to reach your goals.

  • 03/06

    Profile Development

    Social media profiles may be among the most important pieces of content on the web. It’s where customers, prospects and perfect strangers go to find out who you are and what you’re about.

  • 04/06

    Customized Ideation

    It means developing unique messaging, topics, story telling, etc.. We keep it consistent with your brand, your corporate voice and your visual language. It’s all developed with your business and its direction in mind.

  • 05/06

    The Content Calendar

    It’s like the road map for your messaging and social media success. We plan and prepare weeks and months in advance so that nothing is left to chance. Everything is deliberate and focused on where you want to take your brand.

  • 06/06

    Track, Measure, Analyze & Improve

    Social media is infinitely trackable. Followers and mentions are just the start. We can know when anyone’s talking about you, or your business, or your industry. We put it all into comprehensive reports, and apply analytical tools, to constantly make it better.

How we do it

We do everything in-house so we can maintain the quality and control we need to guide your social media marketing in the right direction. And so you know you can get answers when you need them.

Keep You Informed & Involved

This is your business, your messaging and your bottom line. So your input, feedback, approval and understanding is crucial. You have pre-approval over everything we publish. We will inform you of our actions and why we took them. You remain in control of your brand.

Apply the Right Tools

Choosing the right tools for your social media marketing is one thing. But knowing how to use them, their capabilities and how to get the highest value from them takes savvy skill that only comes from experience and expertise.

Deliver Consistent, Comprehensive, Complete Reporting

You can rely on regularly scheduled, in-person reviews of a complete suite of reports that show you the performance of your social media marketing. We explain it all, answer your questions and apply your feedback. It’s full visibility into what’s happening with your brand.

Social Media is Part of a Complete
Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media is just one aspect of a complete digital marketing program to improve your company’s bottom line. From website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services, to paid digital advertising and email marketing, NVISION offers the digital marketing team, tools and resources to make them all work for you. Our digital marketing agency is located in Markham, serving Toronto and the GTA.

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