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Joerns Healthcare

Modernizing Medical Solutions: Joerns Healthcare's Digital Transition

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Joerns Healthcare is a prominent player in the healthcare industry dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of medical equipment and solutions.

Since 1889, Joerns Healthcare has been committed to enhancing patient care and improving the working environment for healthcare professionals.

Their product portfolio includes patient lifting and handling systems, therapeutic support surfaces like mattresses and overlays, and other innovative solutions tailored to promote patient mobility, comfort, and overall well-being.

The Challenge

When Joerns Healthcare approached NVISION, they faced several significant challenges that required a comprehensive digital transformation:

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Ensuring compliance with industry accessibility standards and addressing the specific requirements of the healthcare sector.

Outdated Design Icon

Outdated Design

The existing website was in need of a modern design overhaul to align with the company’s reputation and vision.

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Content Integration

Bridging the gap between showcasing their medical equipment and providing relevant content to engage their audience effectively.

Consolidation of Regional Websites Icon

Consolidation of Regional Websites

The company wanted to merge their US and Canadian websites into a single platform to simplify navigation and content management.

The Solution

NVISION collaborated closely with Joerns Healthcare to provide a holistic solution that addressed these challenges:

Comprehensive website upgrade Icon

Comprehensive website upgrade

NVISION executed a comprehensive website upgrade strategy, encompassing accessibility improvements, responsive design, and an engaging user experience to drive conversions.

Robust hosting and privacy measures Icon

Robust hosting and privacy measures

A secure hosting solution was implemented alongside stringent privacy protection measures to ensure optimal website performance and safeguard user data.

Strategic web communication Icon

Strategic web communication

A conversion-focused web strategy was developed, refining messaging and facilitating effective communication to both B2B and B2C audiences.

User-empowering design Icon

User-empowering design

The website’s design was aligned with Joerns Healthcare’s brand vision, providing a professional, engaging, and visually appealing platform while enabling easy content management for the client’s team.



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Website After Image

The Results

NVISION collaborated closely with Joerns Healthcare to provide a holistic solution that addressed these challenges:

Reduced Technical Burden Icon

Reduced Technical Burden

By consolidating separate Canadian, US, and other blog websites into a single platform with regionally tailored content, the technical complexity of website management was significantly reduced.

Streamlined Conversions Icon

Streamlined Conversions

Implementing specific contact form integrations with their HubSpot Customer Relationship Management system streamlined lead management, enhancing customer engagement and follow-up efficiency.

Intuitive Product Archive Icon

Intuitive Product Archive

The website now features an intuitive product archive that caters to regional-specific products and employs a robust tagging system for improved organization and user accessibility. This enhances the overall user experience and product discoverability. These results underscore how NVISION’s expertise addressed challenges and positively impacted accessibility, brand positioning, and sales processes.

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