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Scott Andersen Music

There’s nobody quite like Scott Andersen – a highly successful business mogul, an industry vet, a Canadian cowboy, and a talented musician. He came to NVISION looking for a music and art website.

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There’s nobody quite like Scott Andersen – a highly successful business mogul, an industry vet, a Canadian cowboy, and a talented musician.

He’s built an empire owning companies like BFG and Tri-Line Electric and is also a passionate musician and artist. Seeking to establish a web presence for his personal passion of music, he approached NVISION.

The Challenge

Scott is known for his success in his corporate pursuits but was keen to be able to share his passion for music and art with the world without any previous web presence.

Lack on Online Presence Icon

Lack on Online Presence

Scott had no existing website or substantial online presence, making it challenging to promote and organize his creative work.

Multi-Platform Identity Icon

Multi-Platform Identity

As a musician without a label, Scott needed to create a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms where he shared his art.

Visual Portfolio Icon

Visual Portfolio

There was a need for a comprehensive and visually engaging portfolio that could effectively showcase his music, videos, and other art while maintaining his unique brand identity.

Our Solution

The solution to Scott Andersen’s challenge involved a highly collaborative and iterative process. We could unleash a lot of creativity on this one and wanted it to be scaleable.

Highly Collaborative Approach Icon

Highly Collaborative Approach

The project was marked by extensive collaboration and iterative back-and-forth communication, ensuring that Scott’s vision was realized to its fullest potential.

Creative Design Icon

Creative Design

The website design embraced Scott as an individual artist, aligning with his unconventional, off-the-beaten-path style. The goal was to create a platform that authentically represented his artistic persona.

Brainstorming and Experimental Design Icon

Brainstorming and Experimental Design

The process included brainstorming sessions and experimentation, allowing for innovative and out-of-the-box design and animation ideas to take shape.

Website Before Image
Website After Image

The Results

Artistic Web Presence Icon

Artistic Web Presence

The website became a dynamic and artistic representation of Scott Andersen’s musical journey, effectively capturing his unique style and creative spirit.

Brand Cohesion Icon

Brand Cohesion

The website successfully unified Scott’s brand identity across various platforms, providing a cohesive and recognizable image for his music and art.

Online Visibility Icon

Online Visibility

Scott’s previously limited online presence was transformed into a comprehensive all-in-one platform where he could showcase his music, music videos, and other art.

Enhanced Engagement Icon

Enhanced Engagement

Visitors to the website experienced an engaging and immersive presentation of Scott’s work, leveraging new animation and web presentation techniques to captivate and entertain.

The Takeaways

There’s always room for out of the box thinking and creativity when it comes to web design. It was such a pleasure to bring this vision to life.
 This project really showcases that when you have a unique and unconventional vision, partnering with an agency that shares your passion and is willing to innovate can result in a web presence that authentically represents your creativity and artistic identity.
 If you’re looking for unconventional, artistic, and creative web projects, our team can collaborate and turn your ideas into reality!

Dont Just take our word for it

I would really like to thank NVISION for their work on my music website. The combination of the insight to my songs, your creativity, and abilities really hit the mark. It was great from the get-go and also poised for the future. An extra take away was the entire process…the team’s diligence were both needed and truly appreciated.

Scott Andersen

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