Music Producer, Audio Engineer,
Music Event Planner


The Strategy

We all know what the power of music can do for the soul. It can bring out emotions; helping us relax, getting amped up and changing the way we perceive the world.

When James approached us to discuss bringing his vision to life online, he didn’t have a website which we could reference. He did however, love talking about music, producing it, engineering it and playing in his band The Spades. James’s passion for music resonated with our office of wannabe musicians and music lovers.

James, as it turns out, is very humble when it comes time to talk about all his amazing accomplishments, so we had to convince him that it’s absolutely okay to highlight these online. He let us know about very notable bands he’s produced and his approach for telling their life story though their music. We took that very same approach: how do we tell James’s story, his journey and highlight his life’s work?

Our approach was to highlight James as an authority and make his music the focal point. With a notable discography, great photography, tasteful copy, we brought his vision to life. One of the coolest features we built for James is a custom music player which showcases all of the music he’s produced.

Projects that combine passion and function are extremely gratifying to work on. We were able to meet James’s goals and timelines and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with an incredible talent and building a long lasting relationship.


A Total Design Experience.