Surrounding Kids in
Crisis with Care


The Strategy

We are fortunate to be in an industry that gives us so much gratification with every initiative. We are literally responsible for the creation of how many people identify with brands, products or initiatives. We have the power to set the perception of an organization’s position within their specialization, and that’s exactly what we ended up doing for 360ºkids.

This one had a very special place for us and still does. When 360ºkids initially approached us to discuss their web presence and marketing strategies, we didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the dilemma facing youth in York Region.

360ºkids serves over 3,400 youth, each year from every municipality in York and this number has grown significantly since their move to the Richmond Hill Hub operating the youth hub and offering even more essential services to youth. Their staff represent many cultures and experiences and have earned a reputation as leaders in offering high quality, innovative programming to the people they serve. Giving so much back to the community, we felt obligated to give this our all and give back to the organization as well.

The solution we put in place was two fold, first understand how to represent the organization online and truly highlight all the incredible ways 360ºkids effectively gives back in the community. Second, build an ongoing gameplan to segment their audiences and leverage those who’ve been involved and build greater awareness of the problems being faced in our own backyard.

nvision took the project on, completely transformed their end user experience and designed a campaign marketing strategy to help drive awareness and raise crucial funds needed to keep this amazing organization going!


An amazing mission needs
an amazing website