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Our Web Design Process

A Strategy-first
Approach to Web Design

From the inception of the project right through to completion and launch, we employ a user-centered design (UCD) principle which places the core focus on understanding the end users experience. The process is iterative and not linear and as such our team of experts work collectively and creatively to solve problems through the combination of content, design and technology.


Our website production process starts with introductions. Over the nearly 20 years of designing and developing sites and running digital marketing campaigns, chemistry between us and our partners has been and still is the key formula for a successful end result.

An initial meeting will take place to introduce key members of our team which includes expert marketers, strategists, creative designers, web developers & project management. Once we’ve had the pleasure of introducing your team to ours, we kick things into high gear!

It’s important to understand and clearly define
the goals of your business to best serve you.

Empathy is at the core
of sound web design.

02Stakeholder Interviews

The best way to understand your business and who you are hoping to target is through stakeholder interviews. Once our projects are formally kicked off we initiate with a questionnaire ask all members of the project to complete. We then formulate a customized interview before moving on to our information architecture phase.

03Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the science of organizing and structuring the content on your website. The purpose is to organize content in a manner where end-users can ultimately find what they need with minimal effort. User satisfaction is the core of the desired outcome and as such, there is a large focus on the user. The basis of this information is in part what the user wants/needs but also the business goals as defined. Think of IA as the planning needed to help ensure we’re not creating any barriers of entry for your future site visitors.

Proposing the new IA of your website is is an essential step in our methodology because every business has unique services, products, and goals. Accepting an ‘out of the box’ template or copying your competitors is complacent. Having a solid content structure is a foundational element for your ongoing Digital Marketing initiatives.

IA forms the skeleton of the final design. Visual elements, functionality, interaction, navigation and site map. Ultimately this serves as the blueprint for your websites design structure & visitor flow.


04Goal Setting & Strategy

Once the IA brief is approved we move into production. Depending on the project we may be creating a content strategy or bringing one to life through copy & design. At this stage our team reviews wireframes, outlines key considerations and defines the visual tone and direction for the website.

05 Creative - UX/UI Design

One of the most exciting phases of the project, this is where the strategy moves into design concepts and the visual representation of the new website comes to life. With the site architecture and content strategy we take our User Experience (UX) wireframes and add the User Interface (UI) layer. With a user-centered approach to creative we design with your visitors in mind.

As a digital marketing agency we place heavy emphasis on your new sites mobile experience. It’s important to combine our understanding and expertise in the digital realm with your industry knowledge in order to meet your business goals. We work side by side to guide you through the web production process.

06 Web

Once the creative designs and visual direction is established and confirmed we move onto web development. More than simply bringing the designs to life we use sound coding principles to ensure the site is optimized for speed, security and many other key performance indicators.

07 Quality
& Testing

With strict measures for quality assurance we test the functionality of our websites thoroughly before we launch our websites. We will thoroughly test the compatibility of your new site on a variety of browsers and mobile devices. You will be given the opportunity to review the fully developed website as well prior to the launch of the project.

08 Launch
& Hand

You can rest assured we have a partnered approach and work side by side to produce your website. When we are ready to launch, your dedicated project manager will walk you through the site and answer any questions you may have. Once we’re both confident, we establish the exciting go live date, cut the site over and high five one another for our successful deployment!

So Now What? If you build it they will come, right?

Websites without a dedicated digital marketing plan won’t be gaining the traction you may assume. The flood gates don’t open the minute your site is accessible to the world, it requires a plan.

Employ a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to promote your business, gain new customers and retain existing customer.

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