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Website Refresh or Redesign?


Your website serves as the virtual face of your brand, it is critical that it is effective in reaching your goals and intended audience. When considering the next steps for your website, you’ll be tasked with the question of whether you should opt for a refresh or a complete redesign. Hopefully, these pointers below will help you determine the right decision for your company.

If your website isn’t fulfilling your expectations and meetings your goals, a refresh may be the most suitable course of action. NVISION encourages thoroughly assessing your goals before beginning a total redesign. Is your website achieving the goals that you set for it? Making minor conscious modifications to the design, user experience, and content of your website may improve its overall performance and alignment with company goals.

In other circumstances, a refresh may not be enough to resolve the underlying issues with your website. Outdated technology, graphics, branding, and content can all contribute to a poor user experience and restrict your ability to meet your goals. If your website requires significant modifications in order to meet your goals and reach a full user experience, a redesign is a better option.

If you’re still struggling with your website, reach out to our team today and let us help you determine the best approach for your website.


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