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iOS 15 Updates & What They Mean to Email Marketing [+Video]


George Arabian


Sep. 16, 2021



Apple has announced that they will be updating their privacy policies with iOS 15. This will change the user experience for not only users but marketers. In order for algorithms and social media platforms to function, they need data. Online platforms thrive off of the extraction of data to get to know their users and increase engagement. CEO George Arabian and Email Marketing Specialist Marino Marks sat down to have a talk about exactly what will occur with the iOS 15 updates.

What Are The iOS 15 Updates?

The iOS 15 updates, described by Email Marketing Specialist Marino, will create a new standard of protection for subscribers. This means that Apple will push questions to users, hoping they will give them an answer if they feel comfortable. The problem with the iOS 15 update does not affect users as much. Every user will feel protected. However, it affects Email Marketers who are reliant on click-through rates.

How Will They Impact Email Marketing?

Email Marketing will be impacted due to the data lost. CEO George Arabian makes a good point about privacy on platforms. George explains how if every user decided they want full privacy, we don’t know how restricted that leaves marketers. If we didn’t receive as much data, it would make it a lot harder for Email Marketers as they rely on consistency. Marino pointed out that if no one is clicking on your emails, what the point be to send them?

Marino explains how marketers and business owners will have to get more creative. If every user chooses to keep their privacy, we need to come up with ways to get data and give users the information they want. However, Marino thinks the challenge will be good as it will showcase marketers’ creativity.

What Can User’s Do?

Every user online wants to have a great user experience. However, George points out that we don’t always know how much information is being manipulated to take advantage of us online. We sign up for social media giving consent, but we never know how much consent we give.

If we close ourselves off, we won’t be able to really gather the information we want. Algorithms and data work in the users’ favour. So if the user chooses to stay engaged and continue to open their emails, we will keep data flowing.

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