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Running An Anti-Hustle Culture Company [+Video]


George Arabian


May. 09, 2022



Hustle culture has become the new norm for working individuals. Nowadays, burnout, stress, and constantly needing to perform seems to be common in workplaces. CEO George Arabian and Director of Digital Marketing Sylvia Wong discussed the stigma surrounding hustle culture and why anti-hustle culture needs to be the new norm. 

What Is Hustle Culture?

George defined hustle culture as being a manipulation of truth and reality. With social media in place, it is easy for 10-20 seconds snippets to change how you perceive a workplace. This idea of hustle culture makes it seem as though you have to grind 24/7 in order to reach your goals. Throughout this discussion, Sylvia asked the question of what exactly the hustle is. The unhealthy aspect of this hustle culture is that is tells you exactly what success is and why you need to hustle every minute of every day. 

What Is An Anti-Hustle Culture Company?

If your company is able to develop an anti-hustle culture, the benefits can be extensive. Sylvia worked alongside George  to establish what exactly this culture would look like. One of the solutions was setting boundaries for staff to ensure burnout is not present. Not working outside of hours and being able to take time for yourself is essential. George pointed out that it seems as though boredom is not allowed anymore. You have to constantly be doing something in order to reach your goals. But, setting boundaries and allowing yourself to rest is not a negative thing. 

Every company should understand that employees are still human and this idea of hustling does not guarantee success. One productive day can outshine 3 burnout days. Anti-hustle culture needs to adopt new norms in order for individuals to reach goals successfully. 

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