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AdWorld Conference 2021: Our Digital Marketing Team Reflection


George Arabian


Jun. 16, 2021



If you are looking to expand your knowledge on all things advertising and marketing, the AdWorld Conference is a must for you. With some of the most knowledgeable experts, there are exclusive interviews, presentations and panels. Each one talked about strategies and tools to enhance your marketing techniques. Our Digital Marketing team here at NVISION attended the 2021 AdWorld Conference, learning about their own specialities and much more. 

Informative and Educational 

Our Digital Marketing team took this as an opportunity to learn as much as possible. In their discussion after the conference, they talked about what exactly resonated with them and strategies they will apply to their everyday work. Each member of the digital marketing team specializes in one area. So, it was very refreshing to bring what they learned to the table. We strive to be life-long learners and always like to do some round-table discussions.

Many of their specialties overlap with one another. This made the AdWorld conference very informative as they learned about what their co-workers do on a daily basis. Our Paid Advertising Specialist Brian expressed how in some presentations, he was learning about some SEO techniques our SEO Specialist Daniel uses. Each Digital Marketing member could not express how educational it was. They listened to CEOs and experts go in-depth about their specialties and what trends to expect in 2022. 

Beneficial Communication Techniques

Our Digital Content Producer Michael, expressed that he had attended the conference in-person in past years. This was prior to it being done remotely. There is a significant difference since you do miss out on that in-person interaction. However, the conference was very user-friendly and our team found it beneficial to be able to interact amongst one another online the entire time. They had multiple ongoing discussions amongst each other over the 3 days about videos or presentations that might help the other. 

Without the in-person interaction, our team made the best of it being online. There were still countless takeaways our team got from successful content techniques to how users are thinking. It was great to tune in to any conversation our team wanted to engage in. NVISION is proud of our Digital Marketing team for taking it upon themselves to attend the AdWorld conference. But, even more, proud that they kept each other informed of valuable information and techniques to use. 

Q&A Pros and Cons  

The question and answer portion of the conference had its pros and cons. Since it was all online, it boosted our confidence as it can be very intimidating to be vulnerable and ask questions to very knowledgeable individuals. At NVISION, we encourage one another to always ask questions, so it was great for our team to feel comfortable doing so. 

Although, it was challenging to get in-depth answers as there were thousands of questions being asked at the same time. It made it hard to get the answers they needed. But, our team did their best and followed questions being asked by others and themselves. They were dedicated to getting an answer. 

The 2021 AdWorld Conference is extremely beneficial. It taught our Digital Marketing team about new techniques and skills they can apply to their everyday work. If you want to hear more about what our team thought about the conference, check out our Brews and Buzzwords video to learn more.

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