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Is The Advertising World Impacted By Cookies? [+Video]


Madison Mesquita Digital Content Marketer

The advertising world has expanded and evolved alongside the digital world. Targeting users based on data, ads can be seen in any online space. This data is collected from various online cookies that store and analyze.

CEO of NVISION, George Arabian, met with Managing Director of SoCast, Victor to discuss the implications of a “cookie-less” world and its impact on businesses. Along with Victor were marketing and product specialists Bob and Andre. With all four experts being extremely knowledgeable and experienced in marketing, the conversation sheds light on how important it is to understand cookies online.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies, as explained by Bob, are any data captured from Google Analytics or any consumer data collected independently. They store and analyze the data to help businesses or individuals properly target an audience.

But, first-party cookies are smaller than cookies. They are any piece of data that is stored in your browser to record your activity; such as emails and sign-ups.

In addition, there are third-party cookies, which are similar to first-party cookies but these are dropped from a domain you aren’t visiting. You may not even know your computer has cookies unless they are blocked.

How Does Cookies Impact Advertising and Marketing

Data is important when it comes to advertising. Furthermore, ads need to target specific users that will purchase a product or service that is being presented. Cookies can help advertising by providing data that will help target consumers. George explains how Walmart has data ventures that they sell to help other businesses leverage it for their own purposes.

Importance of Education

So, what can you do to learn more about advertising? Simply put by all four experts, educate yourself. George blocked all ads from his Facebook account as an experiment. Furthermore, the result was a completely different Facebook page. For those in advertising, it is important to also plan ahead. It is a fast and quickly changing industry that requires individuals to pay attention to what is changing.

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