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3 Tricks to Boost Your Confidence on Video


Michael Cardoso


Oct. 18, 2023



Video Content is King

There’s no doubt that with the rise in popularity of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, using video as a tool to promote your business has become nearly a necessity. For many, being asked to star in a video sends shivers down their spine. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I don’t claim to be any sort of social scientist, so I can’t explain why we experience nervousness on camera; however, over several years of filming everything from vlogs, to interviews, to educational videos, and more, I’ve learned a few tips that can help!

Become an Expert and OWN IT

If you have become ‘the chosen one’ to present content for your company’s social media, it’s probably because you know a thing or two about the subject matter. Becoming a subject matter expert is half the battle, so pat yourself on the back and own it! The confidence you exude when you know your shit speaks for itself.

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When people are searching for your content online, they are looking for honesty, wisdom, and good energy. Not a trained actor. Even if you don’t know it all, that’s ok too! Give yourself the time you need to educate yourself on your subject matter. I promise it will be worth it.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Oftentimes I see people trying to deliver huge paragraphs or ideas in one clip or video. When done effectively, this can be great; but more often than not, it becomes overwhelming for the presenter, and it’s difficult to deliver their point effectively.

This is true whether you’re trying to deliver a single point for a short clip, or a more in-depth video. If your goal is to produce a short video for a social media post, avoid packing multiple points into one segment. Focus on one concise point that you know you can deliver confidently. If you’re making a longer video, try breaking it into small chunks that are easier to deliver.

Try working out a single prompt before filming your video. For example, if I wanted to talk about the key differences between a website refresh and a full-scale re-design for a social media story, I’d write a prompt such as: “If you had 30 seconds to tell a client why they should invest in a refresh or redesign for their website, what would you tell them?” to help guide my answer in one cohesive direction.

Always provide focus. It will help you present more confidently and help your audience understand better.

Try, Try, Try Again

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Above all else, remember that people are just looking for someone they can relate to and understand to present content to them. Your first video doesn’t have to win an Oscar. The more times you make videos, the more you’ll find what techniques do and don’t work for you.

Try writing prompts instead of a script, try having someone guide you through filming, try changing your environment; and most importantly, don’t be afraid to mess up. Just remember not to aim for perfection, just keep making small improvements. I can assure you they will add up. 

Now get out there and make cool shit!

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