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Proto3000 Web Design Project

The Strategy

This project was HUGE! The 3D printing world has blown up and along with it so has one of North America’s largest 3D printing manufactures Proto3000.

When Proto3000 approached us to build their website, we were up for the task. Countless meetings, planning sessions and a rigorous due-diligence phase allowed us to truly appreciate where this great company was going.

Their previous site was good, but they were looking for great, easier said than done. When you have a 1,500 page index, multiple demographic targets, numerous products/services to accommodate the growing industry demand and to top it off with integration to third party software to run the business, this one was going to be challenging.

After solidifying which direction to take from a strategy, design and technology perspective, we worked hand in hand directing Proto3000 on the why’s and how’s we were going to pull this all together.

Today, Proto3000 sits atop the 3D printing industry helping companies leverage the transformative power of advanced manufacturing with industry leading additive manufacturing and metrology solutions.


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