Muting the noise while amplifying visual appeal.

HGC Engineering is one of North America’s largest consulting engineering firm specializing exclusively in noise, vibration and acoustical engineering. Since their establishment in 1994, they have quietly grown and acquired a worldwide reputation in the measurement, assessment and mitigation of noise and vibration problems.

HGC approached nvision with a big ask, how do they take their web presence to the next level, maintain all their site content and not lose any ranking which they’ve worked years to establish. All of this while retaining a tight delivery timeline to ensure the site would be ready to present at their 25 year anniversary party.


The Strategy

Working with engineers is exciting, they bring a lot of knowledge, process and ideas to the table. Through interviews and hearing them out it was clear they were open to getting creative online. They didn’t want to be stuck in the stereotypical engineering type websites which are generally sterile and very boring. Visual presentation was important but sacrificing their ranking wasn’t an option.

We needed to find the exact recipe to combine both form and function. We developed a plan of attack after many breakout creative session. We looked at competitor sites and working very closely with our digital marketing team to ensure all the right SEO tactics and proper onpage factors were all taken into consideration.

The end result was a stunning website which helps highlight HGC as true leaders in their space, it gives them professional clout along with creative appeal!


Experts in Noise, Vibration,
and Acoustics