Clothing for Men and Boys.


Online Retail with Sophistication

Ed’s Fine Imports prides itself on providing men and boys with a unique in-store shopping experience. Sourcing the best shirts, suits, blazers and anything else to make a guy look and feel great!

The store has had tremendous success over the number of years they’d been in operation, they were ready on their next big push which was to sell online.

In a sea of online retailers, the strategy was two-fold. First to ensure the brand message on identity were maintained as a high-end men’s shopping experience. Second, to integrate the right tools and features to allow Ed’s to operate an online business without the burden of having to integrate complicated web interfaces with minimal learning curve.

The decision was made to integrate Shopify, something we’re very familiar with and knew out of the gates would exceed the needs of our client. As we mapped out the user journey we looked at ways to provide a seamless transaction for the clients intrigued by the products being offered up by Eds.

To date, sales have increased a whopping 261% and continue to rise month over month!


Dress for Success.