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New Scholarship Launched for Students in Digital Arts or Digital Marketing


NVISION Digital Marketing

The Kevin Doherty Scholarship to Support Digital Creativity created to honour the lifelong friend and Creative Director of NVISION

Kevin Doherty Scholarship NVISION
Life-long friends, Kevin Doherty and George Arabian.

Markham, ON – George Arabian, CEO of NVISION, a leading digital marketing agency located in Markham, ON, announces the creation of The Kevin Doherty Scholarship to Support Digital Creativity.

“Kevin was employee number one and became our Creative Director not long after he started nearly 15 years ago,” says George Arabian. “He’s been integral to the growth and success of the business ever since.”

Kevin was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, which came as a deep shock to everyone at NVISION. After coming to grips with Kevin’s diagnosis, George wanted to find a way to honor Kevin and to ensure his name lived on and was synonymous with NVISION. Having looked into a number of options, a scholarship that represented Kevin’s passions: art, design and creativity, came to fruition.

The annual scholarship will award $1,500 to a graduating high school student, or post-secondary student who is enrolled in a graphic/communication design program at a Canadian post-secondary college/university. The scholarship recipient will have demonstrated their commitment to any of the digital arts or marketing disciplines, including digital illustration, web design, graphic design, user experience, copywriting and marketing & communications.

Kevin Doherty Scholarship NVISION, Kevin Doherty, George Arabian with Intern

“To have my name connected with a scholarship that helps young people learn and grow in the artistic and technical disciplines that I love, and that have been so good to me, is really incredible,” said Doherty. “George has always been very supportive and he’s known as a person who ‘gives back.’ That he’s decided to add my name to this effort is just so humbling.”

Doherty graduated from Fanshawe College’s Graphic Design program in 2004. For one of his final assignments, he asked his older brother’s friend, Arabian, if he could design a website for Arabian’s new business venture, NVISION.

That first project was so successful, Doherty worked on several other web and graphic design projects for the company’s clients.  Doherty’s efforts eventually led to his being offered the opportunity to be NVISION’s creative director.

Over the years, Doherty and Arabian’s working relationship has grown into a close friendship. They often “geeked out” into the wee hours until they found a solution to a client’s problem. A mutual love and appreciation for music, especially live performances, saw the pair attend several concerts and events together. And they’re known to share a love of craft beer.

“We’ve had lots of laughs, but when it comes to his work, Kevin is not just creative artistically and technically,” says Arabian. “He’s never shied away from giving me constructive criticism—or hearing me out. Without Kevin, NVISION wouldn’t be where it is today. It is one of the biggest privileges of my life to be able to offer this scholarship in his name.”

To apply, please see the details and application for the Kevin Doherty Scholarship.

Kevin Doherty Scholarship NVISION

6 Replies to “New Scholarship Launched for Students in Digital Arts or Digital Marketing”

  1. This is incredible. Kevin is an amazing person and this scholarship will ensure that his name lives on.

    Kevin was the person that interviewed me for my first role as “Junior Developer” at NVISION and he’s been my mentor ever since.

    Kevin is someone who is always willing to share his knowledge and take you under his wing. He’s extremely knowledgeable in all things web-related (including design, marketing and development) and is someone that you could always turn to if you had any questions (about anything!).

    I’ve spent a lot of time outside of work with Kevin (concerts, events, restaurants, bars) and he’s such a fun person to be around. He’s quick with his jokes, has almost every line of every movie memorized, and is the best person to ask what type of beer you should have with your meal (he’s also an expert on beer – haha).

    I’m very much looking forward to the next time we can get together.

  2. Wow freaking awesome. Kevin I am so grateful you made my sweet nieces heart shine. I’ve seen things you’ve done when no one is watching, you are a good man 💕


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