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The Kevin Doherty Scholarship to Support Digital Creativity

Kevin Doherty has been in a creative leadership role for nearly 2 decades bringing beautiful aesthetics to his functional solutions. The love of design was something deeply rooted in Kevin, seeing a world full of colors, shapes, sounds, and beauty. His love for creativity, design, and thirst for exploration and knowledge led him down the path of development where Kevin truly began to marry design with development principles, and his extensive experience in both disciplines, made him the perfect fit to forge form and function bringing his creations to life. 

Kevin is employee #2 at NVISION and has been an integral part of NVISION’s growth over the last decade and a half. Kevin leads a team of creatives where he preaches the philosophy of “Design is more than aesthetics, it is solving a problem, design is the solution to that problem”

Kevin thrives on the creative process and welcomes new challenges. Much of Kevin’s work is award-winning and recognized internationally. If you’re ever looking to debate the best design tools, Kevin is your guy. 

Scholarship Description

NVISION  is pleased to offer one lucky student a  $1,500 scholarship for graduating high school or currently pursuing an education in graphic/communication design at a Canadian post-secondary college/university. 

The Scholarship will be awarded annually to the student who has demonstrated their commitment to any of the digital arts or marketing disciplines.  This includes, but is not limited to: digital illustration, web design, graphic design, User Experience, Copywriting, Marketing & communications. 

Submission Details:

Deadline: June 10, 2022

We understand the required materials are available at different times for students across Canada. To accommodate this barrier, we allow partial submissions to start your application. However, all materials must be submitted by the deadline date.

After your submission, you will receive an email detailing the materials we have received as confirmation and record of your submission progress. To submit additional materials at a later date, complete the form again with the same name, email address, and additional materials.

All required materials must be received by the deadline date:

  • Personal Statement: In 500 words or less, tell us why you would be the ideal candidate for this scholarship.
  • High school transcript, or current college/university transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from an educator/instructor/coach.
  • Three portfolio samples in high-resolution PDF format, with the name of the instructor
    for each project.

Applicants can only receive this scholarship once in their educational career.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the Kevin Doherty Scholarship, please contact [email protected]


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