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Loving What You Do: 15 Years And Counting!


Here at NVISION, we’ve seen the world of digital marketing evolve at breakneck speed. Our business has always been about making an impact and creating change. 

The early years of launching a business are often about catching up and staying ahead of the curve, but with experience and growth comes the instinctual ability to understand what’s coming next. I’m excited that during a time of such dynamic change in digital spheres, to be hitting our stride and becoming the brand I’ve always envisioned us to be (no pun intended). Granted, like any business, we’ve had our fair share of growing pains, but we’re here, nearly two decades in, motivated, hungry and alive! 

One of our recent exciting moments has been the unveiling of our brand and our values, all of which are accompanied by our new logo. Making this transition was not only a great way to update our materials to showcase what we stand for, but also a way to commemorate and celebrate 15 years in business: it’s no small feat, and we’re justifiably proud.

A brand can be many things. It can set the mood, sway a decision, be the draw, or simply speak to the audiences you’re looking to do business with. 

We want to take you on a tour of how our brand approach has matured into an even more “grown-up” and seasoned brand, all without losing our zest for new platforms, techniques, and an itch to innovate. 

An Uppercase Experience

As you’ll see, our new branding features a subtle shift from lowercase lettering to uppercase. The early adoption of our brand direction was based on quite a few factors with numerous iterations, too long to get into for this post. 

Essentially, in mathematics, the factorial of a positive integer n, denoted by n! is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n. If you want to read more about n! you can do so by going here, it’s a super exciting read. 

That out of the way, the design principles that helped us come up with our original direction wasn’t something we wanted to deviate too far away from, however by making small adjustments in our design, sticking to the theme of “growing up” and maturing, we’ve refined our look by making a bigger, more dramatic difference. 

The growing up of our brand is reflected in a more refined and mature design aesthetic in our logo and subtle updates to our colour pallet. With nearly 445 shades of Red, we finally landed on one we all agreed on.  We love that it reflects the same core methodology we’ve always loved, but with all the added experience that we’ve gained during the past decade and a half. Going from the lower case to uppercase symbolizes change, evolving, and growing up. 

We’ve always been an agency that’s started with the end goals in mind, and your experience of NVISION will begin with an alignment process: after all, big, overarching purpose ideas need to be cemented into specific, achievable benchmarks, even if those benchmarks are aggressive and aim high. We then use our background as well as extensive market research to craft the strategy that will get you to those goals. Those strategic points are achieved through on-the-ground tactics, bringing the available digital tools to bear on your plans. This was an important factor in our decision to begin looking at our adaptation and change. 

What emerged from numerous conversations was what we strive for day in and day out for our clients, the upper-case experience, it was clear that we were ready to level up our visual direction. 

The Same Heart and Color Scheme

Our brand has solidified and so have our values over the years. Those values remain at the heart of everything we do, even as we see opportunities to modernize and improve our logo and style markers. For instance, we believe wholeheartedly that we are all creatives, not just those who work in creative marketing, and as a result, we bring to bear a design sense that recognizes the value of every individual’s contribution. At the same time, we’re all about building trust with transparency, and you can see it in the clean, stark colors, and simple lines of our logo and branding. We’re here to show you that you don’t have to worry about negative surprises with us, only a continued commitment to quality that we prove daily.

Our team can continue to blossom and enrich our clients’ experience of marketing and advertising even after nearly two decades because we’re not afraid to do more, try new things, and aim for continuous growth.

These values mean that we wanted a brand that was timeless, connected to our lived experience of the past years while aiming us in the new directions that digital marketing continually presents as opportunities for growth.  Even as our logo is updated, our characteristic exclamation mark shows that we’re still up-ending the status quo even as we offer an established value proposition to our clients.

Bringing Experience to the Table

NVISION 15 Years of bringing hybrid digital marketing services to grow impactful brands and businesses

One of our core values is “Invest in us and we’ll invest in you”, this not only stands true internally for our staff but also with our clients. Granted this is easier to say after a few months into our partnership, but we bear this statement out in our long-lasting relationships with clients, showing them that the value they see in their initial investments is only going to compound over their relationship with NVISION. Our loyalty can only grow as we get to know brands better, and the better we know you, the more attuned our process can be as we become your marketing solutions-finder.

The future of NVISION is marked by a continued commitment to adaptability, partnership, and innovation. The rules and protocols that ran this industry 15 years ago aren’t what remain most relevant now, so success dictates that we continually rewrite the playbook, drawing on new data and new tools to craft plans that no one else can. 

We are ready to be part of your long-haul experience, but that means growing and changing with you and with the world of web design and digital marketing tools. We bring our experience to the table by discovering differences between the next big thing and the flash-in-the-pan, by noticing how trends and patterns lead us to now and lead us to next. Your marketing experience is better off because of how far we’ve come as a company.

Ready to Build on Your Success? We’re Ready to Partner

Build your business with 15 years of digital marketing experience and expertise, NVISION

Our incredible clients have been such a key part of what makes our company unique and great: your passion for your work, your willingness to try new things in pursuit of greater success, and your strategic use of partnerships where you want more experts in the room all to contribute to the shape of our business.

Our gratitude to the brands who have partnered with us is deep; when we get to be creative problem-solvers together, we cannot help but experience a deeper relationship and connection. 

Are you part of a brand that could use an established voice in the digital marketing space to help you solve problems creatively while advancing a mission-focused message about your company? Our new logo and branding are just part of how we’re showing the world that they haven’t seen everything yet, we’ve got so much yet to do!

15 years has only drawn us closer and closer to the heart of our mission: to change the trajectory of our client’s business.

We’re more ready now than ever to help you reach your digital goals. Contact us today to get started and see what 15 years have created at NVISION.


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