Promoting your business to your target audience online is the simplest way to describe digital marketing. It’s an intricate balance of digital channels and messaging based on your business goals and your target customer’s behaviours and preferences.

  • Are you selling a product or delivering a service?
  • What is the psychological need you’re fulfilling?
  • What should consumers feel when they hear your brand name?
  • What are your sales targets?
  • What do you define as success?
  • Most important, who are you speaking to?

These are a sample of questions to consider when creating your digital marketing plan. Once the key business factors and goals are outlined the overall strategy to be executed can be defined.

Your industry may rely heavily on consumers searching for what you do and what need you fulfill on search engines. In this instance, you’ll want to have a defined keyword strategy and leverage organic means of optimizing your site towards the keywords while also engaging in pay-per-click advertising. It doesn’t stop there, you want a way to engage with prospective and existing customers directly.

Can you set up your site to capture email subscribers? Should we use a landing page? The integration of all digital platforms is at the core of your marketing strategy.

We focus on partnering with our clients
during this process. After all, you’re the
experts in your industry and we’re the
experts in digital marketing.

Together, we analyze market opportunities and execute them based on our hypothesis. We test and validate and adjust as needed. Digital Marketing with NVISION incorporates all of our service offerings.