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Digital Video Producer

Digital Video Production

Partner with the right team to get the job done.

If you care about your business beyond the bottom line, and are looking for a strategic agency that can execute, get in touch with us so we can set the wheels in motion. Give us some details and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Yes. It’s true. Content is King.

To put it in perspective, if your website, SEO, paid digital marketing, social media accounts, emails and any other digital properties all had the best possible content, you wouldn’t need companies like NVISION.

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Why Digital Video
& Stills?

We’ve all known the answer to that question all our lives. A picture is worth a thousand
words. And that’s just one image. Video delivers 30 images per second!

It Grabs Attention & Engages

You see an interesting, well-composed image beside a paragraph of interesting, well composed written content. Which do you look at first? Which one immediately strikes a responsive chord? Which one are you more likely to click on? Video is the most attractive and consumable communications medium.

It’s Accessible & Versatile

Your customers can consume your video and still images anywhere, anytime. It could be the last thing they see at night, and the first thing they see in the morning. And it has the versatility to create emotion, inform, generate interest, urge to action, show them how to solve a problem, and get them to spread your word.

It’s Targeted

Want to reach a particular audience quickly and effectively? Video let’s you reach specific audiences and speak to them in ways they want to be spoken to. In ways that will make them listen, understand, recall and take action.

How NVISION’s Digital
Content Development

Tell Us Your Business Goals

That’s where it begins. Tell us your story so we can help you tell everyone else. From the big picture, to all the small steps that get you there. Video and still image production are among the most efficient and effective ways to communicate your message and achieve your corporate goals, large and small.

  • Create brand awareness
  • Showcase values
  • Educate clients
  • Train staff
  • Show product ‘How Tos’
  • Motivate sales teams
  • Launch products & services
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Be a thought leader
  • Generate more business

Get a Tailored Digital Content Production Strategy

It’s the plan of attack for reaching your specific objectives. Your content must be deliberate and focused on achieving your goals to avoid wasting time and money. If you’re creating a video, or still imagery, there must be a clear purpose for them, and it must fit within your budget.

Leverage Top Quality
Video & Still Imagery

Professional equipment, including cameras, lighting and sound recording equipment, only get you so far. Like a high-performance automobile, they can only reach their full potential in the hands of highly-trained, skilled and experienced operators, like the NVISION video production team.

  • Production Scheduling
  • Location scouting
  • On-location, on-site or in-studio
  • Editing & titling
  • Soundtracks & effects
  • Sequencing & versioning

About That Award
Winning Thing

NVISION has been fortunate to receive a number of awards for our work over the years. They include Communicator Awards, CSS Design Awards, W3 Awards, and AWWWARDS. And we were particularly stoked to receive a 2019 UpCity Award for Excellence in Video Production and their vote as a Top Video Production Company in Canada. So there’s that!

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