WP Engine Hosting for WordPress

When it comes to hosting a WordPress site, nobody does it better than our friends over at WP Engine. WP Engine hosting brings world class performance, stability, security and peace of mind with their cutting edge platform.

We believe in their services so much that we are an official recommended partner and host nearly all of our clients’ websites on WP Engine.

Why Choose WP Engine Hosting?


WP Engine has data centres all over the world. In conjunction with their Content Delivery Network (CDN), this ensures assets are being served from the most relevant location for the end user across the globe.


WordPress runs over 30% of the websites on the internet today. This means it does admittedly have a big target on it’s back for security weaknesses. WP Engine’s environment thwarts these attacks, continuously scans your installations for known plugin exploits, and brings you peace of mind.

Staging & Backups

Ever want to make a pretty aggressive update on your live site? Update a bunch of plugins but you’re afraid of bringing the house down? WP Engine’s staging environment is a mirrored version of your site to the letter and is perfect for doing dry runs on your site to ensure you’re clear for takeoff on your primary site.

Customer Support

24/7 live chat support is an expectation these days and WP Engine certainly delivers. No matter what time of day there will always be a representative available to take your questions.

Content Performance

Want to see how your content is performing? Have a look at WP Engine’s own proprietary analytics tool. Integrate it with your Google Analytics to see a dashboard of what pages and posts are generating the most traffic within a given time frame. All from right inside your WordPress admin.  

SSL Certificate

Every site on WP Engine is authorized to use a free provided SSL certificate for encryption. It’s as simple as enabling in the platform’s Control Panel. Protect your users and build your credibility with an SSL Certificate.

Sign up today and get 4 months free on annual plans! Visit the link below for more information.

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