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Our Collision 2023 Takeaways


Madison Mesquita Digital Content Marketer

The NVISION team attended the 2023 Collision conference at the Enercare Centre in Toronto! The 3-day conference encompassed all things marketing and tech, from knowledgeable speakers to company booths. While our team enjoyed the various activities and swag different booths had to offer, such as ski ball and hoodies, the perspectives and takeaways helped equip us with the knowledge we need to successfully market ourselves and our clients.


One of the main topics at Collision was AI. Considering how popular it has become in the last few months, this was not surprising. But, what was shocking is the ways in which speakers recommended using AI. Simply put, it should not be a tool humans rely on entirely. It needs human intervention in order for it to resonate with your audience. Using it as a reference or ideation tool is one way to maximize your benefits with AI. Additionally, the quicker you move with the trends, the higher your chances of success are. Stay on top of how to properly use tools like ChatGPT and Bard so you can use them as efficiently as possible.

Quality vs Quantity

Considering AI has made it easy to produce large quantities of content in no time, it is now imperative to create quality content that stands out amongst the others. If there are thousands of pieces of new content every day, you need to create with the mindset of how to stand out. Why should a reader choose to use your content over others? What does your piece of content have that others do not? Keeping these questions top of mind allow for quality pieces of content.

Loyalty & Retention

Trust is essential in every business decision. You need to develop a relationship with your clients in order for both parties to be successful. Now, loyalty and retention are more important than ever. They are both new growth hacks for businesses. Make your existing clients a priority and treat them just as you would a new client.

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