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Why You Still Need An Active Blog On Your Website 

Digital Marketing

Madison Mesquita Digital Content Marketer

The benefits of having an active blog on your website are enormous. Trust me. I mean, educating your audience while doing some self-promotion is a great way to keep your business intact. A blog page allows you to do both. You can talk about topics in your company’s industry, recommendations you have, or even your company’s successes and culture. If your website doesn’t have an active blog page, let me explain to you why it is so important to keep up with it. 

Showcases Your Activity

One of the huge pros of an active blog page is that it shows you are active! It shows your audience that your company is on the website, communicating with your audience. Your website is clearly being monitored and updated. Also, it shows that individuals within the company want to educate those who come to it. It is very important to let your audience or visitors to your website know you are there and available to them. You will be delivering fresh content that your audience may be interested in, which can develop new relationships and potential clients. 

If individuals are constantly going to your website, they want to see fresh content or new additions. If a user goes to your website to see the same thing all the time there is a chance that they could stop visiting. An active blog page on your website will keep users intrigued and entertained. Write about topics you think are interesting and that your audience would be interested in. Let me tell you, there are endless topics to write about and you can make them your own. Again, your audience needs to see that you are active! 

Express Your Individual And Company Voice

This is a very powerful part of blog writing. Your audience gets to know your company’s voice, along with the voices of those who work in the company. It creates a relationship between the audience and the company or individuals. It gives you the chance to express how you feel about certain topics in general or even within your industry. Also, it makes way for spotlight opportunities where you can discuss specialties or awards and recognitions. I personally find this one of the most rewarding parts of an active blog. Having a voice and communicating with your audience is a powerful tool for any company. 

Having an active blog page on your website is a great way to showcase all the voices within your company. It is entirely in your control as to what content you want to deliver to the audience and how you want to position your brand or individual comments to them. When individuals come to your website, they will then get a sense of how you communicate, what you are interested in, and even some of the accomplishments you have achieved. I personally love being able to write blogs, since it gives me the chance, as an intern, to voice how I feel about certain topics. 

Drives Traffic To Your Website

When you write blogs, it is important to add keywords through SEO to attract visitors. Since many blogs have relevant keywords, it is a great way to bring in new traffic or potential clients to your website. By posting frequently and giving your audience new and exciting content, it can lead to higher rankings and more visitors to your page. Additionally, it can help you rank higher on search engines, meaning you will be recognized for posting content regularly. 

An active blog can be correlated with social media pages as well. You can promote your blogs on social pages, bringing in even more traffic to your website. But, your audience can also share your blog with other individuals. This is a very beneficial aspect of blog writing. If your audience is enjoying your content and then sharing it with others, there are many opportunities for growth. When your audience shares your content with another audience, there could be more traffic going to your website, simply due to an active blog. 


Connect with your audience

Having an active blog on your website creates opportunities for conversations to start with your audience. You develop a more personal relationship on a professional level with your audience as you interact through your blogs. The values and goals of your company can be emphasized through blogging, along with why any visitor should want to work with your company. The level of education, knowledge, and expertise can also be shown through active blogs. If an individual can go to your website and see the information they haven’t seen before, awards, and company culture, they will be able to see how the company is transparent. 

Make an effort to try to connect with your audience and write about topics that would intrigue others. However, it is also important to write about topics that pertain to your industry or field of work. Keep in mind that individuals going to your page could be potential customers. So make sure you try your best to write in a way that will allow you to connect with them. 


My recommendations

Personally, I would highly recommend posting 2-4 blogs every month. This may sound like a lot but if everyone at the company contributes, believe me, you’ll have a lot of content over time. It is also necessary to do some keyword research to make sure your blog will attract visitors to your website. Without the keyword research, you may be targeting the wrong audience and driving traffic to your website that is not beneficial. 

Most importantly, write about topics you enjoy! There’s no point in writing about topics that make you want to fall asleep, so make them fun and use your voice. Keep it professional, but remember, this is your chance to develop relationships too. 

You definitely need an active blog page on your website. It is so important especially to make sure your audience knows you are active. You don’t want them to get bored of the same old content, so make sure you are uploading new and fresh content to keep your audience wanting more. It will be worth it in the end when you have an active blog page that is driving traffic to your website and turning visitors into customers. If you enjoyed this blog, check out this one on 6 ways you can make your blog more relevant.


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