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5 Fun Ways to Revitalize and Rethink Your SEO Goals

Digital Marketing

SEO has been important to internet-based and brick-and-mortar companies for years now. In many marketing circles, the pursuit of keywords and indexable content has become a little tired and humdrum: it doesn’t have to be so! To liven up your SEO goals, consider these new ways to think about your goals and see how it changes the attitudes in your office.

The Breadcrumb Trail to Your Brand

Each keyword seems to lose its meaning when you’ve been working on your brand’s SEO strategy for a while, but think about it this way. If you were the children lost in the woods in a fairy tale, you’d want every single breadcrumb to lead you back to your home, right? Keywords are breadcrumbs for your desired leads: they’ll recognize your keywords as signs that they are on the right track! By letting search engines index your sites and discover all these tiny bits and pieces, you are making it possible for the right customers to find their way to you.

Leave lots of breadcrumbs

Earning New Lives, Health, and Video Game Stats

Your company may want to rank on so many search terms that it seems impossible to rise to the front page for all of them, but think about it like a video game! Every time you make the front page of the search results, you are getting new lives, or better health, or whatever video game statistic makes you feel that jolt of success. This can empower you to tackle the next, possibly more difficult and more competitive, search term in your SEO goals.

Personal Love Letters on Your Brand’s Microsite Landing Pages

Making landing pages and microsites for different segments of your market can take time and feel like you are being incredibly specific, but this is your chance to write a love letter to every single part of your market share. After all, they may not know what makes your brand and their needs a perfect match, and so these sites are your chance to tell them how you really feel: namely, that your product or service is a match made in heaven with their deepest desires.

nvision landing page

Social Media Marketing: Connecting With Your Teenage Niece or Nephew

Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook sometimes are stumpers for folks who came of age in other eras of marketing. Regardless of whether social media seems like a good idea or a waste of time, it is definitely the way to connect with the next generation and in some cases, all generations. Think about how you work to like new things to connect with the teenagers in your family, even if you don’t understand why they like Snapchat or Angry Birds. Social Media marketing is you saying that your company cares about the viewers of these media, and that you want them to have equal access to your product or service even though they have different internet habits than you do.

Using Social Media

Wingman at the Bar: Calling in a Digital Marketing Best Friend

We’ve all had that moment in a conversation when we wish our best buddy was with us to talk about how great we are organically in front of someone we’d love to impress. It’s just easier and better to let someone else talk about our charms than to just brag about ourselves. The same is true when your company chooses to hire a digital marketing agency: you know your brand best, but a digital marketing agency knows how to make you look great to your potential clients. If you need a wingman in your pursuit of the best digital marketing has to offer you, contact us at nvision so we can help with your SEO goals.


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