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Instagram Account Types: Which Is Best For You

Madison Mesquita

Digital Content Marketer


Jun. 10, 2024

Instagram has different account types that serve different purposes. There are 3 that you can choose from: personal, business, and creator. One of the benefits is that you can change your account type even after you have made your account. But, since each is different, it is better to understand them so you can utilize the platform properly.

Let’s go over each Instagram account type.

Personal Account

When you first create an Instagram account, it will be a personal account. And, like you may have guessed, it is for your own personal use. You can decide whether you want it to be publicly or follower only accessible. One thing with a personal account is the privacy feature. You cannot create a private account if you choose a business or creator profile. For users who want to control who has access to their content, this would be the appropriate option.

Business Account

Typically, small, medium, or large businesses will choose a business account. This could be used to advertise your business and promote sales. Instagram offers an insights feature with business accounts so you can see how your account is performing. Specifically, you can see your followers, views on posts, engagement, reach, impressions, website clicks, and email clicks. This information can be beneficial if you are trying to grow your Instagram account. And, since Instagram content takes work, why wouldn’t you want to ensure you get results for your hard work.

Along with insights, you can also create Instagram ads, a shopping and checkout addition, post promotions, automated DM replies, and auto publish options.

Creator Account

Creator accounts have many of the same similarities as business accounts. But, it still has some unique features of its own. Usually, Instagram influencers will choose this account since their Instagram may have brand deals or specific endorsements that generate revenue. The main difference with a creator account is that you do not have the ability to schedule posts or share advertising permissions.

All of the Instagram account types can help grow your account. It essentially comes down to how you want to use the platform, and what you are using it for.

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