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Two Pages That Need Attention on Every Ecommerce Site

Digital Marketing

Never take for granted some of the real estate you have on your website. Here are two pages you could be using to your advantage. Much like my previous post about the grocery store analogy, these tips are based on some of those same principles.

1. The Checkout Page

Why do we neglect the checkout page and why are most completely sterile? Most sites simply highlight the products in the cart, a submission button and how much I’m supposed to pay in shipping and taxes. BORING! (By the way, you should try and offer free shipping). Instead of this why not have a few extra items on the checkout page, something in line with their purchase, i.e. Buying shoes, here are some socks, buying a hammer, here are some nails, purchasing toothpaste, here’s your really nice toothbrush or a really good dentist you may want to consult with. The opportunities for some digital marketing are endless.

2. The Thank You Page!

So now you’ve made your purchase, we’ve got your money, contact information, thank you! You can do better than this. Why not use the real estate on this page to provide a promo for their next purchase, think of the next transaction. Retailers and producers work hand in hand in helping each other out. How many times have you gone home and received a promotion on the inside of your cereal box? Lucky Charms gets me every time. This ultimately helps Lucky Charms get their repeat sale and gets the consumer back in the Grocery Store. Same concept, give your consumer something to come back for, offer something up, 10% of your next purchase, $50.00 off your next transaction, a free box of Lucky Charms!

Moral of the story is, take some of the visual queues you see all around the grocery stores and apply them to your site.

If you’d like to chat, reach out, I’m around and can certainly help walk you through the vegetable aisle!


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