If your business is into any sort of social media marketing, Twitter is likely a part of the mix. Why? Twitter isn’t just about tweeting. It’s an incredible source of industry news, market information,      and customer insights.

Except that it’s not really well-built for doing any of those.

As anyone with more than a few followers knows, it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with and filter all the tweets that pour through your Twitter stream every day, hour or minute. Actually, it’s not difficult, it’s impossible.

Unless you use the only tool that Twitter offers to help organize all those messages.

The Humble and Awesome Twitter List

If you don’t use them, you’re missing out on the best marketing tool on Twitter. Lists let you organize the accounts that you follow, or any account, follow or not, into separate categories that you create.

So how do Twitter Lists help your social media marketing?

    1. Keep in Touch with Customers – Twitter is a great place to find and engage your customers. Once you spot them, put them in a list. Then, instead of tracking each customer individually, track the whole list at once.
    2. Be an Upstanding Member of Your Communities – Most businesses can be part of a number of different ‘communities’ on Twitter. Whether it’s a group of your suppliers, related businesses, or customers, the closer you keep track of the conversation, the better you will be able to contribute to it.
    3. Spy on Competitors – Imagine seeing at-a-glance what your all of your competitors are talking about.
    4. Track Your Market Influencers – Influencer marketing isn’t very easy because when and how you approach influencers is critical. In addition to helping you keep track of them, lists help you know when best to engage influencers.
    5. Use Other People’s Lists – A good Twitter list is not always easy to research and compile. So use someone else’s. If you’re just starting out on Twitter and want to know where your customers are, but don’t want to spend the time to find them, check a competitor’s lists and there’s a good chance you’ll find one full of prospects.

One More Reason to Use Twitter Lists:

There are endless ways to use Twitter lists. Once you start using them, you will quickly create different lists and segmentations that work just for you.

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