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The Strategy That Increased Client ROI 750%


Jan. 19, 2015

It’s not enough to “talk the talk” and not “walk the walk” when you’re in the digital strategy space. Great ideas… a great concept can really only go so far unless you’re able to develop that concept into a strategy and from there make that strategy work and show real results. That’s actually a nifty concept, isn’t it?

We decided we would be necessary to show you how we helped one of our e-commerce clients see major success working with us. So about we walk you through the strategy that helped our client see an over 750% ROI in 1 month?

Understand the Client Needs and Goals

This is actually a 2-way street. Meaning we needed the client to talk to us about what they wanted to focus on, what products were driving their business offline and where we knew we could take advantage of some holes that were existing online.

We then did our due diligence in researching those products. We looked at search volumes and trends, competitors websites as well as seeing what they were up to with their own digital strategies. We found some definite “a-ha” moments where we realized we could take advantage of a lot of opportunities.

Rock The On-Page SEO

We found a mother-load of keywords with search volumes using the Google Keyword Tool. We found keywords for brands, categories and all the way down to specific products along with products with variations.

We then mapped out how each page needed to look following On-Page best practices. Meaning we knew we could start driving traffic via the brand, the category and right down to each specific product.

From a data perspective, the metrics looked really great. And this only from tracking organic traffic. Month over month we saw traffic jump 63% with new users up 44%. On top of that, the bounce rate dropped over 7% and the pages visited per session was up over 10%. Further engagement data? Well, time on site jumped another 51 seconds! What did this tell us? Organic traffic was highly relevant and well-engaged with the site.

organic traffic picture

Rock The Paid Strategy

We’re working with an ecommerce site so trying to drive all of the visits and all of the sales through organic-driven traffic was gonna be a tall order to accomplish so thankfully we also had a paid budget to work with!

While we have lots of great opportunities we’re working towards we also knew the limited budget we had to work with just had to do the trick. We strategized how this would look and here’s what we came up with:

Google Text Ads:

Given what we knew we wanted to drive a bit of generic traffic off the brand just to whet the appetites. We drove this traffic to a main brand page. We then drove traffic to the brands category. This worked well with the visitors who weren’t quite sure what they wanted to buy but were fairly detailed on what they wanted to look for. We drove these people to a brands category page. Then we went product-specific and targeted the precise page to by hyper-relevant at the moment. Given how this worked we were pretty certain these were the buyers so we stayed front and center at that moment.

Google Shopping:

Formerly known as PLA’s (Product Listing Ads) we were also able to showcase products via those nice-looking display ads that show on a Search Result Page. Why did this work? The cost per click was low, the Click Through Rate was higher and the ads show some quality info: picture of the product, price and a call to action. These worked well for the client.


Knowing not everyone was going to buy on the first visit we had some clean remarketing ads prepared to drive the traffic back to the site. Granted we later moved to more product-specific remarketing ads these still worked well and helped to increase the brand awareness at a pretty reasonable price point.


The results were really nice to see. All metrics saw solid improvements. In fact, it was also a 460% revenue improvement over the previous month.

ecommerce data picture

Of course, the important goal was knocking the ROI out of the park and we did that. Over 750% ROI for the month. In fact the following month we matched that ROI again!

As we move forward we have a handful of additional opportunities to put into play. We proved our value and helped make it easier for the client to increase their investment. We’ll have another update on our work in a future posting.

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