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SEO & Facebook Marketing Strategy Must Be Integrated Pt. 2


Apr. 30, 2014

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed why and how you can integrate SEO and strategy in your SEO Search Marketing Strategy.  This time around we will discuss how you can integrate Facebook marketing strategy with SEO.

By now everyone has pretty much heard of Facebook.  More than likely everyone you know is on Facebook (including grandma and gramps).  So that must mean there’s a pretty big market you can connect with, eh?  Sounds like you could throw a dart at the Facebook crowd and easily hit a buyer of your products or services.  Think again!  Facebook will indeed get you a lot of visibility but how you use it can help you improve your SEO work.

Test then refine.  Test then refine.  Test then refine.  Test…

Facebook offers an advertising platform where you can promote things like products, services, and content for a price.  The upside is you can target pretty close to the type of people you want to see what you have to offer.  This means any interaction you get will have some great data you can get from them.  The downside is Facebook is notorious for bringing you a lot of impressions (eyeballs to your ads) but not a big click-through rate (clicks on your ads).  Facebook ads also have a short shelf life meaning you’ll want to present fresh ads fairly often in order to not let an ad get stale.

Facebook Ad

What this all means is testing.  Test different products and services along with various ad copy and pictures.  See how people interact with the ads.  Refine them as you go along and see if you can work to increase your clicks.

Implement Into Your SEO Strategy

You may then find that product X gets a lot of clicks.  That may mean good things with your SEO strategy and you may then work on strengthening your organic work on that specific product.  Gather that data and apply it to your site based on that product.  Maybe it’s more content, more pictures or a video.

If those clicks have resulted in sales via Facebook then it means it’s a good opportunity to integrate that into your website and SEO work.  We all have the goal of selling more so collect the data from your Facebook marketing strategy and apply that to your SEO strategy.

Open a Facebook Store

Facebook Store

If you have an e-commerce site a Facebook Store might be a good option for you.  Not only can you work to gain sales while people are on Facebook. But it also gives you a chance to test!  An e-commerce platform like Storeya allows you to connect the store on your site back to a Facebook Store.  You can even select the products you want to only show up on the Facebook Store.  Why is that a good thing?  You can test out new products on this store.  Or, once you’ve gathered data from your Facebook advertising and then implemented that on your site you can then go back and push the products that are already working the best.  In fact, our client Mini Model Gallery has their own Facebook store using this platform!  Simple, easy to use, easy to upload products and easy to track sales.

Your Facebook marketing strategy can be a big help to your SEO strategy.  You just need to be sure to plan out what you’re going to do, test and refine and then implement.

In Part 3 we will explore other a pay per click marketing strategy into your SEO strategy.

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