It’s nothing new, I get asked “what is SEO” a lot.  By clients, family, friends, you name it.  And I feel like the expected answer is supposed to be simple but almost like I know the secret to it all.  So I try not to confuse anyone by keeping it simple. And something to the likes of “find some keywords relevant to your business, create some awesome content and then build some links”.  In theory sure, makes sense.  In practice, this is a whole different game.  Rand Fishkin of Moz fame recently put out a video that I really like!

The one thing I want to really touch base on is his point near the end. About why we tell our clients to do certain things with their Facebook page (or Twitter, LinkedIn… or anything else really!), it’s because it’ll help SEO from a holistic perspective.  More to that it’s about being active and engaged with your site… and your site’s visitors!  If a potential sale is knocking on your door. Are you going to answer it or hope they drop money on the doorstep and walk away?

Good SEO takes time, we all know that.  Good SEO’s engage with their clients to get them involved.

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