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Why You Should Have Your Brand on Snapchat

Digital Marketing

Snapchat is becoming a hugely popular photo-sharing platform on social media. At first, it was used to simply share quick photos and videos. On the user’s life with a few seconds of what was happening in their life. It’s since evolved, and now we’re starting to see sponsored posts and brands jumping on board as well. Including Audi, Taco Bell, McDonald’s and even institutions.

Why Would a Brand Want to Use SnapChat?

Snapchat has an estimated 100-200 million users. About half of those numbers are in the age group of 13-24, which is a highly impressionable audience. Brands can let users know they’re on Snapchat, and as they grow their following, their followers can watch their ‘Story’ as many times as they like for 24 hours. And users are free to screenshot your stories as well. So they don’t completely disappear for all time.

The audience segment you can reach with your Snapchat story is pretty astounding. It has to be one of the cheapest forms of social media marketing you can get.

How to Use It:

The Cheap Way:

Start an account for your business or company. Give the login credentials to whomever you wish and start getting creative. It’s fun to get your employees involved. So your users can really experience the environment your employees work in and the type of identity you have.

Some brands to take a cue from:

MTV (mtv), 17 Magazine (SeventeenMag) , 20th Century Fox (foxmovies)  , Ellen (ellen), General Electric (General Electric) , Wet Seal (wetseal), Glee (gleeonfox)

The initial thought upon joining is, “Okay, so like, what am I supposed to post”.

1. No one really likes food posts.

2. No one likes selfies on Snapchat unless it’s of someone famous.

3. No one wants to see you bummed out that you’re stuck in traffic. (Disclaimer: May or may not be guilty of this).

 SO, you do need to do some brainstorming, and find some fun and entertaining ways to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. This is why I recommend giving the logins to some excitable employees in the business/company. Just ensure they are mindful of any repercussions that could be involved.

The “We Have So Much Marketing Budget We Don’t Know Where to Put It” Way:


Discover is a way for bigger brands to show users what’s going on in their world on a more permanent home. It’s a separate area of the app that users can navigate to willingly, and select the brand they want to see. The user generally gets less frustrated with this form because they can decide if they want to watch the story or not.

This is new grounds for Snapchat, and it’s not decided if more brands will be on the Discover area yet or not.

Then there’s Snapchat Ads:

I’ve seen Toronto do one. Which included a woman tanning in 13 degrees Celsius weather. Only in Canada. Other cities and brands have opted into this as well. But with a hefty price involved.  Around $750,000 to be exact. These ads show up in your story feed whether a user likes it or not. But if your ad is exciting enough, it will get watched.

My personal opinion is to think big and start small. Get an account and have some fun with it, and show your fans your true colours. It’s a really fun app that can bring a different kind of awareness to your brand.


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