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How to Plan a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing can be executed in various ways. As I’ve said before, so much more goes into social media. Rather than the simplicity of just posting when something comes up. It’s important to plan, strategize and execute mindfully. If you’re doing your own social, that’s totally fine. Not everyone has the luxury or budget to have someone working on their social externally. But if you want it to do well on a small scale I have a few tips that can help.

Here is an easy way to get started on your social with this mini strategy breakdown.

Try these tips to establish a solid social marketing strategy for your business.

1. Create a Marketing Calendar

Your marketing calendar is key to keeping you organized. Plan a marketing calendar for the entire year to help you keep focused and have a solid understanding of what’s coming down the pipeline. A marketing calendar will keep you organized and help you come up with concepts and campaigns to focus on for each month.

2. Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are great at bringing awareness to what you’re doing online. And reaching audience segments that you don’t already have in your network. While it’s important to establish a few branded hashtags. Using hashtags that are relevant to your business. That are already being used in volume on social media are really helpful. Especially on Twitter and Instagram. So make sure that you do some research each month. To see what other people in your target market are talking about.

3. Schedule Time For Social

If you’re doing social media marketing on your own, you need to schedule time in your day for it. Whether you do it while you’re having your morning coffee, or after work before you go to bed. It’s important that you take the time to work on it and have it ready to go each day. As a social media marketing specialist, I work on many different accounts, but I also still need to maintain my own. I set time aside each morning to sit with my coffee, catch up on blogs and my own networks. If you’re not in the feeds you’re not visible.

4. Plan For Incentives For Your Audience

The best way to get an audience is to provide them with incentives. Contests or promotions where they can win something is a great way to get people to follow you. A good tactic is getting them to share your content or tag you in a post so their audience can see and start following you as well. People love getting free stuff, so free campaigns that offer a prize or giveaway can help draw in a crowd.

5. Create A Content Calendar

Posting at random is incredibly ineffective. With a planned content calendar, you can schedule all the posts using a tool like HootSuite so you can focus more on engagement. Engagement is very personal and makes your followers feel special. With a content calendar for your social content planned for the month, you can stay organized, and focus on the things you should be focusing on – like outreach.

These are great steps to follow to plan your social media marketing strategy. But if you need extra help, I know a professional who can help you take your social media marketing to the next level 😉


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