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How to Have an Optimized LinkedIn Profile


Apr. 2, 2015

As a digital media agency (who is currently hiring), we obviously would be advocates of having an updated and optimized LinkedIn profile. Let’s be honest, resumes are sort of like dinosaurs now. You still need one, but if you’re applying for a super cool agency (Like nvision), or a wicked trendy start-up…they more than likely are going to want you to apply through LinkedIn, or at least see it.

So before you start applying for jobs, make sure your LinkedIn is updated.

Here are some tips to help you Have an optimized LinkedIn Profile:

1. Your Profile Picture

This photo is actually super important. Think about the places you want to apply to. If you’re going somewhere you know is super professional and uptight, get a professional photo. If you’re looking to get into a more relaxed agency, a good photo you like of yourself is acceptable. As much as we love beer at nvision, we still take things seriously. So avoid including your favourite bottle of alcohol in your photo.

2. Skills Summary

Always ensure this section of your profile is updated! This is the first place employers will go to get an at-a-glance look at what you can do for them. Keep it brief, and list all important skill sets that are applicable to the role really want to get. Skills like great a making cat memes and the best ping pong player in the company are not really okay. List skills that are related to the professional role you would like to gain. So…I guess best ping pong player might work if you’re trying to apply for the Team Canada Ping Pong team if one exists. I don’t actually know.

3. Update Your Headline

The headline is not really meant to be something like, “Coolest of all my friends, and really smart”.  Even if you are super cool and ridiculously smart, this is not the time and place to state that. This headline is usually the first thing people see when they land on your profile in a search result.  It’s set by default to your current title and company. You can leave it as is, or you can tailor it. If you’re in between jobs, you can add in your specialty + seeking new opportunities. Avoid saying things like “Former superstar strategist who just got fired and is now looking for a new job.” Browse around and see what others in the field you are applying for, have as their headlines.

4. Make Some Connections and Reach Out

I first want to clarify…contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is NOT a dating site. So when I say make connections and reach out, I mean this on a PROFESSIONAL level. Connecting with people is a great way to get in touch with new job opportunities and it will also help you get noticed. So don’t be shy!

Next steps…after you’ve done cleaning up on your LinkedIn profile, check out nvision’s career page and see if there’s anything there for you!

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