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Why You Need To Be Active With Your Website


Jun. 5, 2014

Sadly I think this post will be a rant against business owners who don’t seem to want to be actively involved in their website but seek for success online. I take the success of your website personally and I don’t own your business, so why don’t you take even a minimal level of interest in it? Good web design and development companies will build you a beautiful site that functions the way you need it to. Good digital marketing firms will be able to drive quality traffic to your site and begin to generate interest in what you have to offer. Lastly, a good marketing firm will take all of the aforementioned and ensure that traffic turns into business. So, the question remains, what are you gonna do?  Why aren’t you active with your website?

Let’s Go Offline

If you own a brick and mortar location or you’ve ever gone into a store what’s more than likely the first thing to happen? A store employee comes up to you and asks if you need help. If you need it, someone is there to guide you along the path to purchase. Sure in some cases we don’t need it, but how many times in our lives has this help been a good thing to get you to the finish line?

Great news, you should be doing the same thing on your website, getting people to the finish line!

Sandi, here to help

Why You Probably Aren’t Active On Your Site

I hate to dig back in time and pull out the cliché “if you build it they will come” line but it only worked in the movie Field of Dreams and what was that? It was a fantasy movie. However, if it was real life then heck ya, who wouldn’t want to see the greats of baseball all collected on one field. Your business, unfortunately, isn’t a baseball field yet! I think a more fitting quote would be “If you build it, they will EVENTUALLY come with the right strategy and attention to detail”.

Sometimes I get the feeling no matter what you say people still expect a golden egg to consistently fall in their lap without having to put in any hard work. In this industry just like any other, if you want to see success, you MUST put in the time necessary.

If you’re not working with the traffic that’s coming to your site then there’s something wrong. A search marketing firm can only educate you to a certain point. They can share the data, tell you what people are doing and what they are looking at. They can explicitly tell you that you need to do X, Y, and Z.

Are you doing X, Y, and Z?

If you build it, they won't buy

If You Build It They Won’t Buy!

I’ll be sounding like a broken record but just because people come to your site does not mean they’ll buy from you.

That’s not to say your business doesn’t sell great products or services. In fact, you probably sell some awesome stuff. But as a general consumer, I may not know this! I may need some help to know the history of what I’m looking at. I may want to know what makes you so great too (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tooting your own horn so be proud of what you do). As a consumer I also want to keep my life simple, eliminate the distractions, there are far too many of them, get me to what I need on the website without having me go through a wild goose chase.

Work With Your Traffic

That’s the thing, it’s traffic, good or bad you need to do something with it, so direct them to the purchase. There are so many great tools out there that you can easily make use of: live chat, emails, forms… better yet, understand the data your reports show and learn to make use of it. If people are going to the page with Product X on it but they aren’t buying – find out why? Maybe people need help to complete the process. That’s where you come in! Don’t ever complain that you see all this traffic but nobody does anything. Get off your rump and get involved!

Directing Users

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