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How to Make Images Stand Out on Facebook

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is all about visual appeal. Think about why you go on Facebook and creep photos. You’re curious, it’s appealing, you get to see what that person is up to. The same applies to a brand. It’s important that your Facebook images are updated frequently, and are consistent with what’s going on within the company or business at that time. Creating a header or profile image and leaving it on your page for a full year is dull and boring.

How to make images stand out on Facebook:

Play with seasonality.

Whether it’s Christmas or summer, reflect the season in your photos – especially in the header. Switching up the header through the seasons and holidays is a great way to connect with your fans. They like seeing something new, so grab their attention by switching in your headers.

Showcase promotions and upcoming events.

Launching a new product? Introducing a special promotion? These are reasons to get your graphic designer to whip up something special to get some extra attention on what you’re trying to get people to notice.

Include the brand logo and brand colour palette.

Ensure that your brand logo or watermark is included in your photos. Especially on the photos that have been designed by your graphic artists or in-house team. If someone decides to share your cool image. You want to be able to take credit for it. Including the branding colour palette is key to keeping consistent branding throughout your digital marketing. It looks more streamlined and visually appealing.

Filter, Filter, Filter.

Filter that sh!t. Choose a filter and stick with it. I even use filters off Instagram because it gives all the photos the same look. If you are not using a graphic artist an app that provides nice filters is the way to go. It can enhance the photo and make it more eye-catching. You can still create beautiful images without a graphic artist, just make use of different apps to make the photo more enhances.

Create intrigue, smiles, catch attention.

If you’re going to showcase a photo, make sure the quality is far from ‘that’ll work’. The pixilation should be on point, it shouldn’t be a photo taken on a dreary day with no editing. I think it’s best to work with a graphic designer for header and profile images, and then for photos, you are posting add a filter and a watermark – unless it’s a special circumstance like a promotion or launch. You want the photo to bring an emotion to the user. Consider what it is you are trying to do with that photo and then jazz it up to convey that to the user.

The photos you put on social media should be taken seriously. The user pays attention to them more than anything else. So it’s important that we take the time to consider what we are posting. Ensuring that it’s on point with the brand. Unlike our personal social media account. Where we are reflecting on our personal life and our lifestyle in our images. Branding on social media is much different and it’s important to keep the two separate.


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