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Why I’m Scared Of All These SEO Experts

Digital Marketing

I’ll be honest, I am scared of all of these companies and people who stake claims at being “SEO experts”. In our industry, it seems to be commonplace that anyone can put up a website, list themselves as an SEO expert and watch as the riches fill your pockets.

What makes you an expert? Why do you claim a full team of experts and specialists only to shy away from sharing your physical office location? What about sharing with us the company’s executive team or some staff?

So why am I really scared of these people? They are sadly overloading our industry with poor websites, shady information, out to get a quick buck and ruin companies that are just trying to improve their overall online visibility.

Please Welcome SEO Expert Mr. X

I’m sorry to say but that just doesn’t sound right. In fact, most of these “expert” sites lack any kind of biographical information on the company or anyone who works there. Should they be hiding? Why are they hiding?

I’m a big believer these days that, as great as a company is, I want to know who the people are that will be working with me.

They (Kinda) Say All The Right Things

Well, yes, kinda they do. They’re striking a chord with the unfortunate business owner by claiming things like: “guarantee”, “money back”, “top Google rankings”, “fast results” and much more. It’s understandable that most people don’t know the ins and outs of Google that we’re merely playing on their playground. Most people don’t realize that we can’t just tell Google to rank someone number 1 because we’re asking. And I’m a big believer in gaining organic traffic from a lot of different ways, not just trying to rank for a super-competitive term because it gets a lot of searches.

We sadly live in an age where we want it fast and cheap. If someone can claim those things to me then we oftentimes fall prey to what’s going to happen to us because of that. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, SEO is a long-term process that takes skill, refinement, practice and industry knowledge.

If You’re So Good Then Prove It

Yes, prove it. There are umpteen certifications out there one can earn: Google has a few, Bing has one, so does Yahoo! And HubSpot among others. Don’t you think you’d want to boast this? In fact, that knowledge is pretty powerful stuff. More than you’d know if you just did this all on your own.

WordPress Templates, hmm…

Web design and development go hand in hand with your SEO efforts. Why? If you’re bringing people to your site and you offer a lame user experience then what results can you honestly expect? If you’re actually “Toronto and surrounding GTA best SEO service company Toronto” then you probably make good money which means you can afford a good site (maybe done in-house, in your physical office location).

Sure, I know I’m sounding off here, but I’ve been in the biz since 2006 and I’ve seen a lot happen in my time. I know, at least in Canada, we’re not governed by the need to have some kind of SEO license but I’ll bet mechanics would be peeved if I started up a site claiming “Toronto best mechanic” because I once changed my oil and I can put gas in my car by myself. I’m a closet fan of watching Judge Judy but heaven forbid I try to pass myself off as a legal expert because of that. And just because it’s easy enough to set up a website and type in some content doesn’t make me an SEO expert. That is why you should find a reputable SEO agency to help you with your SEO strategy.

That’s a rant by me. For more wait until after my beloved Leafs lose another game. Please call Patrick at 905-943-2985 x108.


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