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How To Create A Landing Page That Converts

Madison Mesquita

Digital Content Marketer


Jul. 20, 2021

A landing page that converts involves many optimizations and tools to convert users into customers. Our Digital Marketing Manager Sylvia and Paid Advertising Specialist Brian discuss exactly what is needed to have a successful landing page. From various tools to what you users need to see, there is no shortage of knowledge and tips on landing pages. Since landing pages are separate from your website, sometimes they can be overlooked. But, they serve so many benefits to your website from data collection to understanding your audience. So, let’s review!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page, put simply by our Paid Advertising Specialist Brian, is the page users land on when they click on an ad. Landing pages are typically completely separate from your website. However, they serve a purpose of giving users one message. It could be spreading the message about a new piece of clothing, a cool promotion, or simply conveying a particular message to your audience. It is a great way to collect data and see exactly who is going to your website. You can note the age of your audience, where geographically people are coming from, and with some cool tools you can even track where their mouse goes through the use of heat maps. This knowledge will allow you to create a landing page that converts.

Digital Marketing Manager Sylvia pointed out that you want to drive your audience to a single call to action. With landing pages being a no index site, people will only be directed to the landing page if they click on an ad or have the link. This will show exactly how well your ads are performing and if you have to adjust your spend. Every website involved with Paid Advertising should definitely have a landing page that converts. 

Being Proactive Rather Than Reactive

It is important to stay consistent with landing pages. If users are being directed to your landing page, you may want to convert that lead into a sale. On your landing page, there will be a phone number or submission form for individuals to contact you at. Make sure your inboxes are being monitored so you never miss these leads coming in. Respond to all leads to try to convert them into a sale. Callrail is a great tool to monitor any calls coming in to the number listed on your landing page. For example, it will track and record your calls to see exactly what callers are looking for, showing what is performing well. 

Ads can be quite an investment for your business. If you are spending a higher amount of money on ads, you do not want potential customers finding it hard to get in contact with you. Digital Marketing Manager Sylvia pointed out that if your customer is waiting on the phone for a minute, what does that mean? It could make or break your sale in some situations. 

User Experience

When a user lands on your landing page, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to get the main message. This is how to create a landing page that converts. Paid Advertising Specialist Brian explains how you want to have the submission form front and centre. Additionally, have the phone number at the top of the page and refrain from asking too many questions. You want to emphasize one specific action, intriguing users and making them want more information. It is valuable to also include logos on your page, as mentioned by Digital Marketing Manager Sylvia. It will show that your company has received awards or certain recognitions, making it more credible.

Put emphasis on features over benefits. For instance, mention how amazing it will be for leads to have your product or express the value in your message. All of the knowledge you provide on your landing page will develop a form of trust between your company and users. Therefore, showing credibility, a unique value proposition, and testimonials will show that your product or message is worth the users time or money. You want all leads to turn into your desired goal, whether it be a phone call or purchase. 


It’s beneficial to know how to create a landing page that converts. Check out NVISION’s recent Brews and Buzzwords video to learn more!

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