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How you can Actually Survive Mobilegeddon

Digital Marketing

On April 21st we watched as the world started coming to an end.

Kidding. It was only mobilegeddon, another annoying update on behalf of Google. If you’ve been pestering your client about getting a mobile site or having a good mobile site, then now is the time to offer them your services. Mobilegeddon is going to affect a LARGE percent of mobile search queries. Which is a leeeeetle bit terrifying.

If you want to know how to survive mobilegeddon. I’ve put together,

Three survival points to look into and consider.

Think of this as the How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse guide only differently. Because it’s mobile…and not zombies.

Rule Number One: Arm Yourself

By arming yourself, I mean use Google’s Mobile-Friendly test and fix any errors. It’s also fun to run other people’s websites through this tool, you know, just to see if anyone else failed.

Rule Number Two: Know the Facts before You Freak Out

Freaking out doesn’t do anyone any good. The good news is, the update affects search rankings on mobile devices only, results in all languages and applies to individual pages, not entire websites. Is that good news? It could be. Because now you know.

Rule Number Three: Learn To Accept

Rollouts are happening slowly. So you may not see any changes in mobile traffic right away. Rather than freaking out (see previous rule), take the time to strategize your next move. Consult with a digital marketing agency (Like nvision, just putting it out there) and see what your options are. Whether or not the job can be rushed to avoid the penalty, or if you need to take some extra time to get a thorough job done, try to relax and accept that mobilegeddon happened to you, and many others.

If you’re really worried, contact your web developer. They should be well-versed on what’s going on and how they can help turn things around for you. A lot of websites are going to be affected by this update, so you’re not alone.



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