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Hello? Hello? Call Tracking for Conversions

Digital Marketing

I’m a believer that using Call Tracking for conversion. Tracking is a great way to understand more about your customers. AND to know if your online marketing initiatives are reaching specified goals.

While there are many services out there. You’ll more than likely want to find one that offers the ability to track organic-driven phone calls as well as Pay Per Click phone calls. This will help you know who contacted you via a natural search or via a paid ad search.

How Does It Work?

Without getting too deep into the technical things that happen behind the scenes. Call Tracking works by dynamically inserting a special phone number in place of your real phone number. That is listed on your site. In most cases, you can choose a local or toll-free number. In order to get this number to show up. You would need to insert a special code on your site. (you may know how to do this or get your web development company to do it for you!).

More than likely you’ll want to at the very least track calls from your SEO work. As well as your Pay Per Click marketing efforts. Some Call Tracking services will also allow tracking through Social Media profiles.

Why Should My Business Use This?

This is honestly a fairly simple question to answer! You should want to know where your phone calls are generated and apply that to your ROI. Assign a dollar value to each call you get. Even determining the percentage of organic calls that turn into a sale. Along with doing the same thing on PPC calls.

In fact, most services have loads of data you can make great use of like. The caller’s name and number, where they’re calling from, how long the call lasted… oh, and you can also record calls (for things like quality assurance). You might think all the calls you get are “crap”. But listen to those calls and find out your staff may be bumbling the calls. Or worse, you’re just not picking up the phone!

By effectively reading the data you’ll be able to make calculated decisions on what you need to do with your business – both online and offline.


Tracking Organic Calls

I like to think this is the more misunderstood medium for tracking calls. The reason being is in most cases business owners tend not to think of how a customer was able to find them through an organic search. The thing is if you’re engaged in SEO (search engine optimization) and/or you’re writing blogs then you quite likely have a good chance of being found via an organic search query (read: when someone searches on Google for something and then finds your site). This means if someone did a search for “product X” and got to your site then you’ll want to know this AND what transpired on that call. Some Call Tracking services can track via the exact keyword so you can really dive deep into what products/services you have are generating calls.

I’m not one for tracking calls that resulted in someone going directly to your site (ie: typing into a search bar and then taking credit for generating a lead. However, if you’re looking to better understand your customers and what a phone call sounds like from your staff then it’s a good tool to use.

Tracking Pay Per Click Calls

In today’s world of PPC advertising, the best practice after someone clicks on your ad is the user is taken to a Landing Page that speaks to product/service (the keyword searched for). Within this page, you’ll more than likely have some good content. A phone number and an online form for people to reach you. Smart (enough) marketers will add a tracking code to this form. To learn how many people filled out the form from this unique page.

But what about that phone number? What if someone simply wants to call you? If you’re using your regular phone number how are you supposed to effectively track who’s called based on the ad (other than probably confusing the caller by trying to ask questions about how they called instead of listening to what they want!)?

So my final take it is you really want to learn and grow your business you’ll want to take a look at using a Call Tracking service. A better ROI can only mean better things for your biz. And if you want to track the success of your online marketing goals then this HAS to be a part of how to track that success.

Want to discuss some Call Tracking services that you can use? Please call Patrick at 905-943-2985 x108.


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