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Why to Go With Mobile Social Media Marketing

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Last time we spoke about managing your social media marketing, we looked at tools that cut down on the heavy time commitment that social demands. Hootsuite, Feedly, StumbleUpon, and Are among the tools that nvision uses to save time when social marketing for our customers.

If you’re looking for another way to save time, make your social marketing mobile.

Mobile apps let you take your social media marketing wherever you go. Imagine marketing your business when you’re in line at the bank, waiting for the movie to start or for your dinner to arrive.

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Unfortunately, choosing the right mobile apps is not as easy as getting the mobile versions of your desktop tools. For example, because nvision monitors over 90 streams on the desktop Hootsuite, the mobile version proves a little tricky – not because it’s not a good app, but the sheer number of streams makes it difficult to manage with two thumbs on a small screen.

Some Mobile Versions of Social Platforms are Better Than the Desktop Versions

Many social media have gone mobile to the point where their apps are better than their desktop dashboards.

  • Twitter – Desktop Hootsuite is a great tool for managing Twitter accounts because, when you need to manage multiple accounts, desktop Twitter forces you to log out of one before you can log in to another. But not on Twitter’s mobile app; it lets you switch from one account to another by simply tapping on the account you want.
  • Instagram – Let’s cut to the chase: Instagram is a mobile program, not simply an application. Its desktop app is useless, except to ‘like’ other people’s posts and change your profile info. But, on mobile, you can shoot, edit, enhance and post images that make you look like you’re a slick photographer and Photoshop whiz.

Info Streams on Mobile

As we mentioned in the previous post, finding good quality, relevant information to push through your social channels can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of social marketing.

The mobile versions of nvision’s desktop tools, including Feedly and StumbleUpon, are all good. But, again, there are some mobile apps that outperform their desktop counterparts.

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1 StumbleUpon Mobile

One is Prismatic. While both desktop and mobile versions feature similar functionality, the mobile site presents its suggestions in a more condensed, easier to scan format. Indeed, more options are presented on a 4-inch mobile screen than on a 23” monitor.

Just One More

We’ve seen that some social media apps are better on mobile and some are made for mobile first – and then there are others that are exclusively mobile.

Foursquare is a location-based social network that lets users ‘check-in’ to places using their mobile phone. While location-based marketing is fodder for its own blog post. Apps like Foursquare give marketers the opportunity to identify and reward customers who are in-store or in the vicinity.

No one said social media marketing was easy. But by using the right tools, on your desktop and on mobile. You’ll reduce the time it takes and makes it easier to reap the rewards.

If you have any questions about going to mobile social media marketing,  or any other aspect of social media, please email me at


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