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Call To Action Buttons for Facebook Pages

Digital Marketing

Facebook pages now have a super cool feature page admins can take advantage of: Call to action buttons for Facebook Pages!

The feature slowly started rolling out in December 2014, but now it appears to be rolling out to everyone. The objective of this feature is to help pages drive business objectives. There are 7 different call-to-action button options to choose from:

  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

With this button, you can give users a way to complete a call to action right on the Facebook page, rather than having to share a link. There’s so many useful reasons to set up this button if you have a Facebook page for your business.

Now…How To Set It Up:

Step One

Look for the create Call-To-Action button on your Facebook header image beside the share button. It’s still new, and I’ve only recently started seeing them on pages I manage. If you don’t see it, that just means it hasn’t rolled out to you yet, so be patient – it will soon enough.

Step Two

Decide what you want the CTA to be, and where the button will direct users. For a yoga studio, I decided to promote their monthly intro offer and simply led them straight to the purchase. The Sign-Up CTA fits best, and Facebook shows you a little preview on the left side what the button looks like. You also have the option to direct users on their mobile device to a more user-friendly mobile version of the page.

Step Three

Other devices such as iOS and Android destinations can be selected as well for enhanced user experience. It makes the user journey much smoother and simple.

Step Four

Your call-to-action is ready for action! It’s incredibly simple to set up and it can be easily monitored each time you log onto your Facebook page.

If you’re not sure which CTA you should be using for your page, here’s a little cheat sheet:

  • Shop Now: If you are selling merchandise, this is the CTA you should be using.
  • Book Now: If you are providing consultations or appointments
  • Contact Us: Use this if the majority of your business comes through as an inquiry
  • Use App: This is a great way to get people to use your app, or even alert them to the fact that you have one
  • Play Game: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Sign Up: Apply this CTA if you want users to sign up for a class, workshop, membership etc.
  • Watch Video: If you have a video you want to promote this is an excellent way to do it

The great thing about these CTA’s is that you can change them up when you want. You don’t have to keep the same one. If you’re running a specific campaign use the button that makes the most sense to help promote it. You still need to continue your regular postings and promotions, so keep that in mind. This button alone won’t increase traffic to your site or be the big push behind campaign awareness – it just adds value. It’s absolutely worth testing, and as more people start to notice it, it will do quite well.



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